3 Easy Steps to Make Your Living Room More Opulent

You living room is where you go to relax and unwind after a hard days work. You want it to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible so you can just thrown off your shoes and chill out.

The decor and ambiance of the room will determine whether it is going to make you fell relaxed or even more stressed. Making a room seem more opulent doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can create a lush, luxurious feel using inexpensive materials if you choose carefully selected colours and textures. Soft cushions, candle light and a nice fragrance will make all the difference. Your imagination is the key element here and you should go online and check out some ideas for doing up your living room.


Comfort in you living room begins with having it tidy. We all enjoy a room so much more when it is clean and clutter free. Decorate the room according to your tastes and experiment with what makes you feel at home. Your living room should be your space to relax so spend a little time doing it up to your desired taste. Get some cushions and pillar candles to set the mood for your room. Shop at local markets to find opulent cushion covers to put on your couch and maybe even a rug or throw to pull it all together. Markets are a great place to find deals on items to fancy up your house with wood carvings, paintings, ornaments, and fabrics.



Lighting in your living room should have more than one option. You want it to be bright during the day and warm and inviting in the evening. Choose candles to create an atmosphere where you just want to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie or read a book. Find some coloured lampshades or make your own to generate a red or orange glow in the room to add to the warm feel. Different lighting in a room can make such a difference to how you feel about the place. It is amazing how a few candles can change a room. There are lots of stylish candle holders available ranging huge to ones that only hold one tea-light candle.



Deploying the right fragrances throughout you house and especially you living room will make a huge difference to how you feel when you sit down. Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to calm the senses and ease the mind and body. Try out lavender, jasmine and sandlewood to see which you like best. There are hundreds of different fragrances to choose from and no doubt you will find one that you love. Light the scented candle when you come in from work so that the fragrance has time to fill the room for when you sit down to relax. Good quality scented candles are a better choice here than room sprays as they add more to the ambiance of the room and don’t have the chemical undertones.