5 Quick Tips To Improve Your Travel


I am all about making travel quicker, easier and more convenient and I have learnt many of these things along the way. Here are five quick tips for improving your travel experience and making it so much easier than before.

No more rushing to the airport

By staying in Stansted airport hotels you can greatly reduce the stress involved in rushing to the airport.
Airport hotels
are the perfect place to chill out and save you so much time because the airport is extremely close. This is great for flights in the morning or for those that don’t live especially close to the airport. I really enjoy doing this too because I can take my time and not get stressed out about things.

Noise cancelling headphones

These are a literal godsend when it comes to traveling and are something that you will thank me for recommending. Noise canceling headphones, of course, don’t get rid of sound completely but they dull out the most annoying parts of this. This is particularly the case for the droning sound that planes make. You will actually notice how much less fatigued you feel at the end of the journey.

Wash your face and feet

I find that traveling makes my feet swell up and my face just feels hot and flushed. The best way to deal with this is to wash your face and feet whenever you get the chance. Wash your feet with cold water to get the circulation in your legs going, especially for those long flights. This is something that I love to do whilst in transit and have a long layover.

Top up on your prescriptions before you leave

It is always a great idea to go to the pharmacist and get some more of any medication that you take before you travel, this will definitely save you the trouble of finding it all yourself on your trip, when really you should exploring an amazing new place and not worrying about your health. It is a good idea to keep medication in the original packaging for customs reasons, as some countries may be stricter on certain types of medications.

Have some backup money

This may sound pretty obvious, but there are a huge number of people that don’t look after their money situation when they travel and this can definitely become a problem. Don’t just travel without a backup, because things do happen and you will end up in tears. It is always great to have a spare card or some extra cash that is stashed separately from the rest of your money and main cards.