A Fairytale Wedding Destination

Many celebrities along with couples choose to get married in a tropical paradise. Statistically one couple every single week in a year will want their dream wedding and their destination was the tropical Whitsundays. This information is reference as to keep a blog profile so it can be easy and quick to use by people wanting a fairytale style wedding.

A Fairytale Wedding Destination

A Fairytale Wedding Destination

A Dream Wedding

Girls from a young age dream of the fairytale wedding. As well as wanting knights in shining armor to sweep them off their feet so why not plan that wedding only dreams are made of at the most romantic place in the world. A famous author by the name of Ralph Emerson quoted, “Life is a journey, not a destination,” was only partially correct. The destination for the perfect wedding day along with the perfect weather is always what the bride and groom is looking for. Of course a bit of romance, relaxing after an emotional day and letting their hair down is also on their minds. People like celebrity race car driver Grant Denyer or Ben Southall gave their brides-to-be that fairytale wedding.

Destination Whitehaven Beach

Couples will find that the Whitsunday paradise have everything to make that fairytale wedding come true. The journey will begin by flying over the azure waters of the Great Barrier Reef to Whitehead Beach.  Couples today want something different besides a church wedding in the city where they grew up and to make new memories. Whitehead Beach offers a place where all dreams of a perfect wedding can take place. Now take a detour to a place considered to be the most romantic in the world where couples say their wedding vows.  It is not far from the Great Barrier Reef and it is known as the Heart Reef.  The next place that is known for having a wedding ceremony is by taking vows on board or on land at the sailing club.

Fairytale Wedding Planning

The Whitsunday area has plenty of professional wedding planners, places to pick exotic floral for the bridal bouquets, hair and makeup salons, fine dining at elegant restaurants, rent the bridal party attire including men’s suits along with world class photographers to choose from on the special day. Of course, the bridal party can choose from a professional company that can plan the complete wedding to give them the fairytale story wedding. All they have to do is be there and the rest is done by the company. The reason Whitehaven Beach and the Whitsundays area is known to be the place to have that dream wedding is simple; the natural beauty of the landscape, the tropical climate, the privacy and the romantic atmosphere. This has been proven by a survey that was done recently by the Whitsunday Marketing and Development Board showing that 60 percent of the couples came from long distances just to have that dream or fairytale wedding.  Since, the happy couple is already here to have that dream wedding then they won’t have to go far for the honeymoon. They can find many places to have the honeymoon retreat with relaxing and taking that special time as being that new spouse. The fairytale wedding will be only dreams and memories of a life time.