Are You Thinking of Holidaying in New Zealand

The breathtaking sights, friendly people and great facilities make New Zealand one of the top tourist destinations in the World. It is a politically stable democratic country that has successfully blended a strong indigenous culture with a modern productive economy.

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Tourism is important to New Zealand and the widely varying terrain packs beaches, snowfields and forests all within a few hours’ drive of each other. New Zealand caravan rentals are a favorite way for people to explore the country because of the high quality roads and relatively short distance between destinations. Holiday homes in Auckland and other popular tourist destination offer a different experience than the normal hotel experience. If you are arriving at Auckland, car rental is a great way to get around town and the North Island.


New Zealand Caravan Rentals

This is a very popular way to see the country and is well carted to with camp sites and caravan parks situated near major towns and popular destinations. There are several large companies that cater to the New Zealand caravan rental market. Here are some areas that you might want to check out when selecting, which company to use.

  • You will need an International driving license
  • Understand insurance coverage and what is excluded or costs extra
  • New Zealand drives on the left side of the road
  • Budgeting the cost of fuel is important
  • Ensure you understand the size and transmission on the vehicle you book is within your driving capabilities


Holiday Homes in Auckland– A Home Away From Home

Accommodation of every style is available in New Zealand but one of the fastest growing areas is holiday homes in Auckland. These can usually be rented by the day, week or month depending upon your needs. They offer a more friendly way to take a holiday particularly if you are in a group or have a family.

They vary in size and are very reasonably priced particularly for longer term rentals. You have all of the comforts and privacy of being at home while staying in New Zealand on your holiday.


Have You Thought About Car Rentals

New Zealand is definitely a car friendly place with good roads and great signage. Auckland car rentals are very popular because it makes exiting the airport quick and easy. All major cities and airports have a range of car rental companies including local business and multinational brands.

It is simple to rent a car – you just need suitable identification, a credit card and most importantly an International driver’s license. You can book before you arrive or look for a deal when you arrive.