Best Holiday Destinations for Artists

Holidays are fun for most people, but if you are an artist they could be more than just a chance to relax and enjoy yourself. A holiday is an excellent chance to take time to practise your art and to seek inspiration for new artworks.


Depending on what you want to get out of your holiday, there are a few different types of holiday that can suit artists. These range from quiet retreats to produce art and seek inspiration to bustling city breaks to look at the works of great masters.

Preparing for a Holiday

If you intend to spend your holiday actively producing art, it is best to make sure you stock up on supplies before you go. While on your holiday, you will not know the best place to source art materials and so it is best not to get caught out.

As an artist’s holiday can be a great source of inspiration, you may find yourself being more productive than you expect, so you will want to bring plenty of supplies just in case. If you need to stock up, click here to browse through a range of materials available online.


Paris is known as a worldwide centre for culture, and it boasts a wide range of truly wonderful galleries. These range from the masterpieces produced by great names of the past and present in galleries such as the Louvre to small independent galleries catering to the city’s thriving arts scene.

The wide range of galleries in Paris combined with the lively arts scene and thriving culture of the city will provide no end of inspiration for artists. On top of this, seeing famous works such as the Mona Lisa will always be enjoyable even when it doesn’t directly affect your own art.

The Lake District

The Lake District offers a completely different kind of holiday for artists. While Paris is a thriving, bustling city, the Lake District offers quiet retreats in remote countryside. This gives artists plenty of time for quiet contemplation and relaxed work, making it ideal for producing art without distractions.

Inspiration in the Lake District comes not from seeing great artworks but from the surroundings. The area is known as an extremely scenic part of the world. The area’s beautiful countryside and wonderful landscapes provide plenty of inspiration for artists and have done for generations.

A Tour of India

India is a fantastic location for artists, but choosing any one location in the country would mean missing out on one of its greatest features. As a result, artists will do well to go on a tour of the country in order to take in the full range of benefits on offer.

India has a long history of art, with multiple styles guided by the many religions that can be found in the country. Much of the historic architecture of the country is also spectacular. However, India is a country with very contrasting areas. On the one hand, a number of busy modern cities can be found there, yet many rural areas are very traditional and old-fashioned. As such, artists touring the country can benefit from an extremely broad range of experiences and take their inspiration from great artworks of every kind as well as from beautiful rural scenery and a fascinating culture.


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