Perfect honeymoon backdrops: the Maldives

In my opinion, there’s no honeymoon destination that can top the Maldives. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, this stunning archipelago has everything you could possibly need for a romantic holiday – seclusion, luxury, picture-perfect scenery and activities ranging from the fast-paced and thrilling to the laidback and relaxing.

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If you still need convincing, read my guide to what makes the Maldives the ultimate honeymoon destination.


If there’s one thing that really stands out about the Maldives in terms of its honeymoon credentials (aside from the fact that it offers incredible weather and paradise-like scenery, that is), it’s the seclusion you can enjoy. After all, I think it’s fair to say that most couples crave privacy on their honeymoon – and by staying in the Maldives you can feel like you and your partner are the only two people in the world.

I can say that with such confidence because there’s a strict rule of just one resort per island – something that’s enshrined in Maldivian law, in fact – which means your little slice of paradise never feels overcrowded. Plus, a lot of the hotels here (which I’ll talk more about in a moment) go out of their way to offer as much privacy as possible.


Another Maldivian characteristic that lends the country so well to honeymoons is the fact that the hotels are overwhelmingly high-end and luxurious. For example, the bulk of resorts come equipped with their own lavish spa. This means that a holiday here almost automatically means ultimate luxury.

Within this luxury category there’s still plenty of scope to find somewhere that suits your particular interests. There’s a wealth of amazing resorts to choose from, many of which are so exciting (offering things like scuba diving, indulgent spas, island hopping and such) that I could easily rabbit on about them for hours – but I’ll spare you that! Instead, I’ll take a quick look at just one, which I think is absolutely ideal for honeymoons.

Medhufushi on the Meemu Atoll is an idyllic island getaway. Equipped with an over-water spa, abundant water sports facilities and over-water bar, this establishment offers that little something extra for couples in the form of ultra-private accommodation. Its honeymoon water villas are actually separated from the rest of the resort and only accessible by boat – could there be any setting more perfect than that?

Unforgettable activities

The final Maldivian charm I’m going to look at is the activities on offer. Now, I know that there are plenty of destinations that provide a decent variety of things to do – what makes the Maldives stand out is just how remarkable and memorable these are. And, of course, remarkable and memorable activities are exactly the kind of thing that your honeymoon should be filled with.

Scuba diving is one example. Every resort offers this, and with visibility up to 50 m this really is one of the best places in the world to dive – go to Fish Head to experience local diving at its best.

Another is night fishing. Head out at sunset with local fishermen, who will teach you the basics and help you catch your dinner. Then, sail away to an uninhabited island to cook and eat your catch as part of a delicious barbecue. Not only is the meal amazing, but sitting under the stars on a deserted island is an utterly incredible experience like no other – you’ll never forget it.

Other things to indulge in include romantic candlelit dinners under the stars, island hopping and being pampered in one of the destination’s world-class spas.

Kristy Moore is a travel writer working from various locations around the world; this article was written on behalf of Hayes and Jarvis.


A guide to fine dining in San Francisco

A holiday in San Francisco is full of colours and flavours, whether this is referring to the city’s culture and nightlife or its culinary scene. Spending the days visiting a wealth of tourist attractions is bound to build up an appetite and with so much to choose from in terms of eating establishments it can be hard to know where to begin.

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Be sure to sample the delights of all the different communities that make up San Francisco, as well as the destination’s obsession with fusion food. Having booked your trip with Air Express, then you can start planning your dining experiences. And there is no better place to start than right here.

Frances, 3870 17th Street

Since your San Francisco holiday is likely to take you on a culinary journey around the world, it makes good sense to start off in the place that you have chosen to travel to – California. Making a reservation well in advance or queuing up before 5pm when they open is the only way to get a table at Frances.

It is a world-class restaurant where chef Melissa Perello serves up great Californian cuisine alongside a huge helping of warmth and personal service. The produce is local and cooked with innovative creativity, leading to excellent dishes. Try the baked cherrystone clams or a bavette steak prepared perfectly.

State Bird Provisions, 1529 Fillmore Street

This is another establishment where it is worth planning in advance to visit otherwise you may not find yourself getting seated. An ever-changing menu of imaginative dishes is presented to customers and carts – almost like a Californian tapas or mezze.

Guests can therefore experience a wide selection of flavours within the course of one meal. The fried state bird of the restaurant’s name is quail, with other notable delicacies including duck liver mousse and pancake with smoked sturgeon. Of course the offerings are likely to have changed by the time you visit, but there are bound to be a whole new selection of tempting morsels to try.

Namu Gaji, 499 Dolores Street

From California, wing your taste buds to Korea with this amazing restaurant that fuses flavours from the Asian nation with produce from the United States. It is the brainchild and collaborative project of three brothers – the Lees, who also run a small farm from which they source all their vegetables and herbs.

Expect Korean fried chicken, beef tongue and potato puffs to all grace the menu. The team of waiting staff will also be able to advise you on which of the fine selection of wines will complement the dishes perfectly. And if you can’t get here for your evening meal, they are also open at lunch times.

Nopalito, 306 Broderick Street and 1224 9th Avenue

It is always a good sign when an establishment has to open up a second restaurant in order to cope with demand and this is exactly the case with Nopalito. The selection of tequilas is just as good as the tamales and carnitas that are served up by chefs José Ramos and Gonzalo Guzman.

They have gathered inspiration from several different regions of Mexico, making the menu a varied mix of fine dishes. Many of these are the perfect way to warm yourself up on a foggy San Franciscan day.


Discover the Boston Freedom Trail

If you’re planning your first-ever trip to Boston, make sure you factor in a little time to walk the amazing Freedom Trail. In my opinion, this is one of the city’s greatest attractions, plunging you into its history and culture and ushering you to its most important sights, all in a 2.5-mile walk.

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There are plenty of hostels in central Boston too, which are a reliable choice for keeping the cost of your trip down – though there are plenty of reasonably priced hotels too if you fancy a little extra comfort

The Freedom Trail – background and overview

First of all, let’s take a quick look at what the Freedom Trail is – and exactly why you should make the effort to visit it. A walking route with a difference, the Freedom Trail leads its followers to 16 of the city’s most historically important sites.

It was created back in the 1950s, when Bostonians decided that something needed to be done to safeguard the story of the American Revolution – after all, it did begin in Boston. As a result, the Freedom Trail was born, and today you can clearly see it marked out on the ground with either a painted red line or in brick.

Since it’s so clearly laid out, it’s really easy to follow it independently – and doing so means you can always stop to look at anything that interests you that little bit more closely. Alternatively, go on a 90-minute tour by the Freedom Trail Foundation; this is an absolutely brilliant way of learning more about the sights you’ll pass. And speaking of sights, here are a few of the highlights to whet your appetite…

Boston Common

First on my list is Boston Common, which is the oldest public park in America. It was founded back in 1643 and was used as a place to graze livestock until 1830; since this time, it has also acted as a camp for troops during the British occupation, as well as a site for puritanical punishments. Happily, today it’s used for public events and entertainment – much more appealing!

Massachusetts State House

With its spectacular golden dome, Massachusetts State House is pretty hard to miss. As well as being one of the oldest buildings on Beacon Hill, it is considered by many to be one of the most impressive state buildings in the country.

Old Corner Bookstore

This is one of my favourite spots on the Freedom Trail. Having begun its life as an apothecary shop, the Old Corner Bookstore opened in 1828 and thrived until 1903, seeing particular success when it was under the management of Ticknor and Fields, which was one of the nation’s favourite publishers in the mid-19th century. It is one of the most historical buildings in Boston.

Bunker Hill Monument

The first thing to remember about Bunker Hill Monument is that despite its name, it is actually on Breed’s Hill. This 221 ft high granite obelisk marks the site of the first major battle of the Revolutionary War, which took place on June 17th 1775. As a quick tip, you can find out more about the skirmish itself at the nearby Battle of Bunker Hill Museum.

USS Constitution

Last on my list is the USS Constitution, which is the oldest commercial warship still afloat today – not only in the US, but in the entire world. Usually she’s berthed at Charlestown Navy Yard, but around six times a year she’ll sail into Boston Harbor. To learn more about her, board the ship for a look around and check out the USS Constitution Museum.


Viva La Paz!

Not to be confused with the better-known Bolivian city of the same name, La Paz on the Baja California Peninsula is one of Mexico’s foremost coastal destinations, offering activities to suit even the most adventurous of travellers.

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It’s position on Mexico’s Pacific coast also makes it an ideal stopping place for those heading south from California to enjoy holidays in Central America – with its ferry crossing to Mazatlan allowing you to traverse the Gulf of California and continue your journey overland to Mexico City, and then on to Guatemala and Belize.

If you’d like to find out more about travel through the Baja California Peninsula follow this link, or read on for more information about the fantastic range of things to do there is in La Paz:


Being a coastal city situated on sheltered gulf where water temperatures are regularly in the high 20s, one of the most obvious things to do is to get wet!

Depending on your preference, this could be as uncomplicated as putting on your boardshorts or bikini and going for a paddle at one of the region’s many stunning white sand beaches, or as involved as getting fully kitted up for a scuba diving adventure with hammerhead sharks and giant manta rays.

If getting wet is not your thing, but you still like to get out an enjoy the fresh sea breeze, why not cast line and see if you can catch a sea monster or two, including the fabled marlin or a powerful tuna?

Of course, you may just prefer to look at the water, so you can simply slap on the sun lotion (temperatures get well into the 30s in this part of the world, so you’ll need it), roll out your beach towel and lie back on the sand with a cool bottle of cerveza in your hand.


Being a lively city, La Paz has plenty to keep you occupied away from the beach too. The best place to start is the city’s zocalo (main square), which is at the heart of everything that happens in La Paz.

Surrounded by historic buildings – the Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Paz; the Library of Regional History of the Californias – this shaded space with a fountain at its centre is a hive of activity. Hang out with the locals, grab a bar in a nearby bar and dine on some delicious locally caught seafood in one of the restaurants.

Day trips

La Paz is also a great base for day trips to other places of interest on the peninsula, including the island of Espiritu Santo – an 11-mile by three-mile desert island rich in biological diversity.

Much like the Galapagos Islands, it is home to a number of endemic species such as the  ring-tailed cat, black jackrabbit and ground squirrel, while its waters are home to more common but no less spectacular species, including turtles, whales and sharks.

Although evidence of human habitation stretches back tens of thousands of years, the only visitors now are adventurers keen to camp in the wilderness or swim with dolphins.

With its stunning weather, beautiful beaches and outdoor activities, La Paz really is a top-class adventure destination, so don’t just fly straight to Mexico City, try the Baja Peninsula out for size.


Wineries & Wine Tours: Soaking Up The Sun in Auckland

A trip to New Zealand’s beautiful North Island is a treat at any time of year – and if you plan on booking flights to Auckland, you’ll also want to spend some time exploring the area’s spectacular wineries.

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There are plenty of excellent vineyards to explore just a short distance away from Auckland’s city centre, making them perfect for day-trips or longer overnight stays. Read on for some hotspots you won’t want to miss.

Build your own wine tour

If this is your first trip to New Zealand or you are new to the world of wine, you might want to set out on a wine tour to learn a bit more about how it is made.

The main wine-producing regions in the Auckland area include Henderson, South Auckland, Kumeu and Huapai. Each have their own unique specialities and in total, these regions contain more than 20 vineyards.

You can arrange wine tours that depart from central Auckland to suit your schedule – half-day and full-day tours are available, as well as quick tours of just a few hours for those who are short on time.

Brick Bay

Whether you’re a wine lover, an art lover or a bit of both, Brick Bay is a brilliant place to indulge your passions. Here, you’ll find the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail – a unique outdoor art gallery on a two-kilometre walking trail.

The facility also produces extra-virgin olive oil – olives are grown and cold-pressed right on the site. You can sample the olive oil, as well as the locally-produced wine, in the Glass House. Here, you’ll be able to arrange a personalised wine tasting, savour a relaxing coffee or try out a food platter.

Cable Bay

Cable Bay is home to five vineyards on the western end of Waiheke Island. Here, visitors can enjoy stunning sea views across Auckland City and the Hauraki Gulf while they sample the local wines and produce, including delicious fresh olive oil.

One of the best venues to try the finest wines the region has to offer is The Wine Bar, which is among one of Auckland’s most frequently-awarded bars.

You can also sample the various locally-produced foods on offer at the Cable Bay restaurant. It’s a relative newcomer to Auckland (it has been in operation for approximately four years) but it is proving to be a particularly popular venue for visitors and newcomers alike.

blanc, West Auckland

If you are just planning a brief stop in Auckland and you don’t have time to make your way out to one of its wineries, you might want to check out a local venue where you can sample some of the region’s best beverages.

For wine-lovers in West Auckland, blanc is a brilliant choice – and is less than 20 minutes away from the city centre. Here, you’ll find a wide range of premium wines, as well as boutique spirits and a large selection of craft beers.

Wherever you choose to travel in and around the Auckland area, you can be sure to expect fabulous hospitality, plenty of sunshine and of course, delicious local wines!


A guide to Morocco’s most exciting cities

Morocco is home to some vibrant and bustling cities that are well worth exploring if you’ve got the time to travel around the country. The following are some of the best places to visit, but this is far from an exhaustive list!

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If you’re keen to learn about Morocco’s fascinating history, Fes is the place to come, as it’s considered to be a hotspot for traditional Moroccan culture. The city is home to one of the oldest universities in the world – the Karaouiyine mosque, which set up its teaching facilities in the 9th century.

Fes also has the distinction of being the oldest Moroccan imperial city, with the ramparts that protected the settlement, as well as the monumental gates that provided access, still intact. The monumental gates are particularly stunning, with these entrances decorated using blue and green glazed ceramic pieces. You also can’t leave Fes without experiencing its vast Medina, which comprises almost 1,000 narrow alleys, all lined with stalls and shops selling everything from jewellery to cabinets.


You can’t miss Rabat if you’re touring Morocco’s best cities, as it’s the capital and boasts a wealth of historical sites. Among them are the remains of a 12th century mosque that was designed to be large enough that the whole of Yaqub Al-Mansour’s army could pray there.

Many of Rabat’s most important monuments now house museums, with the Oudayas Palace home to the national museum, while one of the towers that guards the walls of the Oudayas Kasbah has been converted into three art galleries. The entire fortress quarter, where you’ll find these and other landmarks, is still surrounded by imposing walls topped with cannons. The main gate and its stunning carved wooden doors are among its most striking features.


Essaouira is a beautiful coastal city that’s well worth a visit on your holiday to Morocco – and it has much more than just a pretty beach to offer travellers. One of its most notable landmarks is the fortress that stands proudly looking out to sea. You can walk along the ramparts and visit the old artillery platform before heading into Essaouira’s medina.

The medina here is not as old as many of the others you can explore in Morocco, having been founded in the 18th century. However, what makes it particularly special is the coexistence of so many ethnic groups who have all been brought together due to the city’s status as a trading hub. Arabs, Amazighs, Europeans and Africans all live and work side-by-side within the medina.


The final city we’re going to talk about is Marrakech, which is a fascinating example of how an old Moroccan city has been expanded with a distinctly European influence. The period of French rule in the country – and the importance of Marrakech at this time – resulted in an entirely new and very different district (Gueliz) being developed alongside the traditional heart of Marrakech.

Among the old Moroccan sites you shouldn’t miss are the bustling medina – especially the Djemma el Fna square – the Koutoubia Mosque, Saadian Tombs and the Ben-Youssef medersa. In Gueliz, you’ll discover charming gardens (like the Marjorelle Gardens), luxury boutiques, quaint cafes and high-end restaurants. This makes Marrakech an excellent place to visit if you’re keen to see the old and new sides of Morocco in one place.


Cyprus and its cities

Cyprus is an island of many facets and if you’re intending to take a holiday there, it’s best to plan so that you can explore as many of them as possible. Tourists often forsake the cities in favour of those gorgeous sandy beaches and the rugged terrain that have given the island its status as a holiday paradise, but the major cities have just as much charm as the fishing villages on the outskirts. Good nightlife, plenty of cafes and culture in abundance, you can definitely expect to find all of these in the metropolises below. With flights to Cyprus with companies such as Monarch so cheap at the moment, why not book a weekend off and explore one of them?

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.57.08 AM


The city of Lefkosia is the capital and business centre of the island, and as such, you can expect a busy atmosphere as well as a thriving town centre. During the day, you’ll find plenty of places to sample that fine Cypriot coffee – Kafenio in Nikokleous and Raw in Themistokli Dervi are two of the finest recommendations – but you’ll also be treated to a rather exciting nightlife. For a unique evening experience, head to Plato’s. Tucked away inside an old house, it feels very much like a jazz joint and serves a huge variety of beers from all over the world. Dress appropriately, though.

Top of the list of cultural attractions is Buyuk Han, a stunning Ottoman-era construction where a local market still take place on a regular basis (check with your accommodation provider – they should be able to tell you when the market is on). Oddly enough, it’s also worth tracking down the local Debenhams for a first-class panoramic look at Lefkosia from the top floor. Don’t feel too self-conscious – everyone is doing it.


It’s all about the culture in Lemesos. The second largest city in Cyprus is an immensely popular tourist destination for many reasons, but the plethora of historical attractions is certainly a huge draw. Highlights to see include the Grand Mosque in the old Turkish quarter, the archaeological museum and, of course, Lemesos’ very own medieval castle. Constructed in the 14th century, this imposing structure has impressed and enthralled the city’s visitors since the day it was completed.


Our third city destination is the metropolis of Larnaca. Don’t be fooled by the concrete jungle feel offered by the circular steel towers here – there’s still plenty of beauty to be unearthed. If you have a choice, come here during the winter months. You won’t be disappointed – the nearby Salt Lake fills with water and plays host to flocks of beautiful flamingos.

But there’s plenty to do in the summer as well – be sure to visit the Ayios Lazarus, and dive down to the wreck of the Zenobia if you get the opportunity.


Our final destination is Paphos, which more than holds its own against its fellow cities. Must-visit locations include the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, the Ayios Neophytos monastery and – particularly if you’re a wildlife fan – the Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station, which is every bit as wonderful as it sounds. Paphos is also coastal and, as such, has some of the best beaches in Cyprus. Head to St George with a beach towel and a good book for some serene coastline.


Upgrade Your Dinner Experience

Creating an extravagant dining experience in your home does not require you to be an interior designer. Many people think they need to spend big money to have an fancy dining experience, but with a few small changes you will feel like you are dining at a nice restaurant. When you enjoy your home for what it is supposed to be, you will feel much happier about the place. Use you imagination when decorating and get some candles out to set the atmosphere. If there is a dish you really want to have then check out Youtube to learn how to cook it. there is no excuse anymore for not being able to cook or come up with creative ideas for your home. It is all online!


Kitchen Clear-Out

If you think you are going to have an elegant setting in an untidy kitchen, you are dreaming. Before you do anything else you should have a major clean out of your kitchen and discard everything that no longer serves a purpose. There may even be things that are normally left around but could be put in the garage or stored in a closet to free up some space and give you more room to upgrade your dining experience. Consider being brutal and making your kitchen a place you really want to relax in.

Table Decorations

The factor which contributes the most to your dining experience apart from the food will be the decor. There should be a fresh clean table cloth with some decorative tablemats laid out and a centrepiece to bring it all together. For the centre piece you can use flowers, potpourri, plants and candles. A simple idea like placing tea-light candles in a ramequin of coffee beans gives an elegant feel while creating a soft aroma. You don’t want to overdo the decorations when it comes to the table. Remember that you have to fit all of the plates and food out as well.



The food you eat will contribute greatly to how you feel about your dining experience. Are you planning to cook easy to eat, fresh and light meals or sticky pork ribs that will have everybody at the table covered in sauce? The food should make you feel like you are eating in a high class restaurant. Keep it simple and look online for recipes and ideas. Mediterranean food is excellent for dinner parties as it incorporates many servings of small tapas which can be prepared in advance.



Have you ever been to a nice restaurant that has the lights on full blast at night? I doubt it! Lighting should accentuate certain places and pieces around the room and this is the same for creating an ambient environment in your own home. Have some candles on the table as part of the decorations and in strategic locations around the room, such as under pictures or on candle holder stands. It does not have to be a full candle-light affair as a nice lampshade will do a perfect job of lighting the room also. Have fun with making your home an enjoyable place to dine.




3 Easy Steps to Make Your Living Room More Opulent

You living room is where you go to relax and unwind after a hard days work. You want it to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible so you can just thrown off your shoes and chill out.

The decor and ambiance of the room will determine whether it is going to make you fell relaxed or even more stressed. Making a room seem more opulent doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can create a lush, luxurious feel using inexpensive materials if you choose carefully selected colours and textures. Soft cushions, candle light and a nice fragrance will make all the difference. Your imagination is the key element here and you should go online and check out some ideas for doing up your living room.


Comfort in you living room begins with having it tidy. We all enjoy a room so much more when it is clean and clutter free. Decorate the room according to your tastes and experiment with what makes you feel at home. Your living room should be your space to relax so spend a little time doing it up to your desired taste. Get some cushions and pillar candles to set the mood for your room. Shop at local markets to find opulent cushion covers to put on your couch and maybe even a rug or throw to pull it all together. Markets are a great place to find deals on items to fancy up your house with wood carvings, paintings, ornaments, and fabrics.



Lighting in your living room should have more than one option. You want it to be bright during the day and warm and inviting in the evening. Choose candles to create an atmosphere where you just want to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie or read a book. Find some coloured lampshades or make your own to generate a red or orange glow in the room to add to the warm feel. Different lighting in a room can make such a difference to how you feel about the place. It is amazing how a few candles can change a room. There are lots of stylish candle holders available ranging huge to ones that only hold one tea-light candle.



Deploying the right fragrances throughout you house and especially you living room will make a huge difference to how you feel when you sit down. Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to calm the senses and ease the mind and body. Try out lavender, jasmine and sandlewood to see which you like best. There are hundreds of different fragrances to choose from and no doubt you will find one that you love. Light the scented candle when you come in from work so that the fragrance has time to fill the room for when you sit down to relax. Good quality scented candles are a better choice here than room sprays as they add more to the ambiance of the room and don’t have the chemical undertones.


Sydney: Attractions You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia. In fact, it is the most populous city too, and a major tourist attraction in the world. People living in Sydney are commonly referred to as Sydney-siders and comprise both international and cosmopolitan populace.

When visiting Sydney for the first time, you will definitely fall in love with the modern landscape because of its captivating beauty. You can also enjoy walking along the lovely beaches, admiring the view of the clear blue ocean waters and enjoying the cool breeze! It is definitely a great place to go for vacation and break away from the usual hectic life, so let’s take a look at some of the top attractions you can’t afford to miss in this amazing city.

Sydney Opera House

One of the places you simply cannot afford to miss is the famous Opera House. It is one of the most popular performing venues around the globe, and it is situated on Bennelong Point, Sydney Harbor. It has a roof with shell structures, spherical in shape and very pleasing on the eye. These shell structures are set upon an immense podium and are surrounded by terrace areas that are used as pedestrian concourses.

It also has five theaters which are the Concert Hall, Drama Theater, Opera Theater, Playhouse and Studio Theater. To get a better view from the outside, you can take a exciting boat ride around the Opera house, which will also give you a view of some of the surrounding islands.

White Rabbit Gallery

Another spectacular place to visit in Sydney is the White Rabbit Gallery. This gallery is based in the city and is considered the home of contemporary Chinese art. It is located in the suburb of Chippendale, however, apart from Chinese art, the gallery has a tea house, a shop and a library, all at one spot.

The reception is very inviting and welcoming, and hanging up on the ceiling are traditional Chinese birdcages, which brings out a touch of exceptional character to the tea house. The artworks are also very eye catching and give an assortment of approaches, with some works revolving on social issues like environmental conservation.

New South Wales Art Gallery

The Art Gallery New South Wales (AGNSW) is another amazing place to visit in Sydney. It is the top art museum and the most important gallery in the New South Wales and Sydney as a whole, and it is also one of the leading cultural establishments in Australia. The gallery holds important collected works of Australian, Asian and European art and offers visitors almost forty exhibitions per year.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the iconic feature of Sydney and is a must visit place for tourists. It is a steel-through arch-bridge that cuts across Sydney Harbor and carries pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular and rail traffic between the central business district of Sydney and the North shore. The bridge offers an exceptional view of Sydney and with the Opera House nearby, and it has been nicknamed ‘The Coat-hanger’ because of its arch-based shape.

Have fun visiting these marvellous attractions. Visiting them all might get expensive, so make sure you save all the money you can before you go.