Common mistakes to avoid for beginner inline skaters

Inline skating looks easy doesn’t it? You just put one foot in the front of the other and off you, some people think it’s as simple as walking but soon realise that it is is far from that! Anyone who thinks that it is as easy as walking should remember one thing – we all had to walk before we crawled! It is important to spend a lot of time making sure that we our time when trying to learn inline skating. The great news for all beginners is that it is much easier to learn how to skate than walk!

inline skates

I’ve listed some mistakes that a lot of beginner skaters make, and even the advanced ones, try to avoid these and I guarantee you that it will save you a lot of pain and frustration!


Choose the skates that fit you


If you don’t want to end up on your backside all the time then don’t borrow someone’s skates, especially if they have a different size foot to you. You have to remember that it’s your first time skating and you can’t put yourself at a huge disadvantage. If the shoes are too big your feet will be moving around all over the place in there. Not only will you have difficulty standing up but you’ll also wake up with some of the worst blisters you’ve ever had! Check out Locoskates for some awesome options!


Going down hill is not the best idea


It sounds simple right? Go to the top of a hill, point your feet downwards and off you go – wrong! Too many people have fallen out of love with skating so quickly because they headed for the hills and ended up hurting themselves. Remember, it’s always best to say no until you are ready because your body doesn’t need to take the pain so early in your skating career!


Always use protection


Make sure that you’re ready and wearing the right gear, going skating with out protection is a major no no! It is a crazy idea to hit the road without wearing all the padding that is needed. Remember that when you start you are going to take a few falls, make sure you have enough protection on their to keep your skin and bones safe.