Creative Ways to Travel Cheaply

If you’re anything like most people, you’d love to drop everything and go see the world for a few weeks, exploring and experiencing new countries and cultures while racking up the memories of a lifetime. The main thing that stops people in their tracks from traveling though is, you guessed it: money. But did you know that traveling doesn’t have to mean saving up a huge amount of money to spend all in a few weeks? You can use some creative strategies to make your dream holiday a reality. Here’s how:


 Use travel points

Collecting travel points are a great way to earn credit towards your travel experience while just going about your daily life. You can pick up Avios travel reward points, for example, by shopping at many different stores, buying groceries or even just filling up your gas tank. And these are points that you can put towards your next flight to your dream destination, or a hotel room from which to launch your trip!

Be a flight hacker

A flight hacker is someone who knows all the tips and tricks that airlines and airlines websites use so they can score the cheapest flights. Want to be one of these people? Use a site like Kayak to start your flight search, as they collect all the different airline searches into one. Then cross-check using another global site like Skyscanner. You’ll also find the cheapest flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so keep that in mind when booking.

When you’re flight hacking, don’t forget to think about multiple routes to your destination. It helps to do a bit of research on the nearby airports not only in the country you want to visit, but possibly even nearby countries. It sounds crazy but you might actually save money by flying to a different country then taking another short flight over, or even a train or bus to your destination.

Stay for cheap

Worried about exorbitant hotel prices? It’s true that accommodation can be a huge part of your travel budget, but not if you use creative methods to score cheap or even free accommodation. Look into Couchsurfing if you’re into meeting and staying with locals, and don’t mind crashing on a couch. Air Bnb is another great way to find cheaper accommodation than hotel rooms, and it’s more cozy because you’re actually renting someone’s home. Finally, if you are interested in volunteering while you travel, there are many great options. You can research hosts on WWOOF or Workaway who are offering the opportunity to stay with them in exchange for some set amount of work hours per day. You can do any kind of work from organic farming and animal care to teaching or even working in a hostel in exchange for a bed. It’s a great way to have a local experience and really get to know the place where you’re staying.