Experience complete luxury: Cape Verde islands

Some destinations are synonymous with luxury, but unfortunately they’re often fairly well trodden too. If you fancy jetting off somewhere that’s not only luxurious, but also has the feel of an untouched paradise, I thoroughly recommend a trip to Cape Verde.

This country comprises ten volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean. What’s great about it is that across all these are some incredibly varied landscapes – think mountain ranges, barren flats, scenic beaches and, in places, lush vegetation. What’s more, each island has something a little bit different to offer, with some providing more seclusion than others.

Ifit’s luxury you’re after then it makes sense to book an all inclusive hotel on Cape Verde, because this way you can completely relax as soon as you arrive, safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of for you. Of course, you should always check exactly what you get with each package you’re considering, just to make sure it suits you.

Now, I’m going to introduce you to some of the islands and attractions in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde – an overview

First, let’s take a look at Cape Verde as a whole. As well as being known for luxury, the country also has a reputation for being a place travellers go to for a little excitement. This is because it offers loads of opportunities for things like exciting hikes and thrilling windsurfing, not to mention it’s nowhere near as developed as your average tourist destination.

That said, there are islands that are becoming more popular with package travellers, with Sal and Boa Vista being two of these. It’s these I’m going to focus on today, since they offer a good balance between that sense of adventure, tranquility and luxury accommodation.

Boa Vista

The third largest of the Cape Verde islands, Boa Vista is an absolutely stunning place – it’s no wonder that its name means ‘beautiful view’ in English. It has one of the flatter Cape Verde landscapes, characterised by 55 km of sandy beaches, alongside desert scenery.

As well as having gorgeous landscapes, it’s also home to some amazing animals. In fact, it’s one of the world’s most important breeding grounds for loggerhead turtles – and if you’re lucky you’ll see them laying their eggs on the beaches! Plus, between June and August you also have the chance to see whales off the coast of the island of Sal Rei.

Sal Rei is the capital city of Boa Vista, and is home to around half of the island’s residents. Despite that, it has a really sleepy feel and is a charming place to walk around – think interesting markets, colourful houses and a view of the Ilheu de Sal Rei just off the shore. Plus, thanks to the fact the waters here are protected by this little island, the bays here are wonderful for swimming and relaxing.


Nicknamed ‘the sunniest island’, Sal is one of the most popular isles to stay on. Like Boa Vista, it’s home to deserts, but it’s also where you’ll find some impressive dormant volcanoes, as well as small oases.

Thanks to consistent trade winds from November to June, Sal is a particularly great destination for surfers. The island’s also perfect for anyone hoping for a relaxing package break – and especially so if you head to Santa Maria. This city has lots of luxurious accommodation and has pretty much everything a tourist could want – large beaches, water sports (including surfing, water skiing and scuba diving) and plenty of evening entertainment.