From LA to Mexico: a journey with a difference

You don’t need to stick to the UK to take a short cruise – why not consider mixing up an overseas holiday by adding a mini cruise to your itinerary? A trip like this is the perfect way to explore a little further afield in a short space of time, without sacrificing any relaxation time.

The perfect example of this is a three-day cruise from LA to Ensenada in Mexico and back. And you needn’t worry that an addition like this will cost the earth, because you can find loads of amazing deals on sites like

By making this journey, you can experience Mexico as part of your trip to the US. What’s more, Ensenada has an absolutely massive range of attractions and tourist treats – everything from wineries to the chance to go whale watching – making it the ideal destination for a fun-filled visit. But before we get to talking about the attractions of Ensenada, though, let’s take a look at what LA has to offer.

What not to miss in LA

A land of quirky beaches, movie magic, designer stores and sunshine, LA has a lot to offer travellers. And with so much to see and do, it can be pretty hard to work out exactly what to prioritise – but we think we have an idea of where to start.

For instance, no trip to LA is really complete without getting a feel for its movie credentials. One of the best places to do this is Hollywood Boulevard, where you’ll find the Walk of Fame. Stars are inlaid all along the pavement here, with the majority having been filled with the names of famous faces in the film, TV and music businesses.

And if you’re keen to follow in the footsteps of the stars, you should definitely pay a visit to the TCL Chinese Theatre, which regularly hosts major movie premieres. In its forecourt, meanwhile, you can see the footprints of more than 200 big-screen legends.

In terms of the coast, don’t miss Venice Beach. This weird and wonderful place is known for attracting an eclectic bunch of eccentric performers, bodybuilders and more – so expect a show as much as a chance to relax on the sand!

What not to miss in Ensenada

Moving on to Ensenada, one of Mexico’s most famous ports, we come to somewhere that offers a massive range of tourist attractions alongside the classic combination of beaches and sunshine. Everything from playing golf and rock climbing to whale watching and vineyard touring is available here, making it an appealing destination for virtually everyone.

If the idea of whale watching appeals to you, visit during the winter and spring. During this time, the state of Baja California welcomes grey whales, which come here to give birth. To see them, join a boat tour at the port of Ensenada, which will also give you a chance to see creatures like pelicans, sea lions and dolphins.

Meanwhile, if you’re keen to see natural wonders of a different nature, make sure you don’t miss La Bufadora, which is just over 20 miles south of the city. One of the largest marine geysers in the world, this impressive sight has an interesting story behind it.

You see, according to legend, a baby whale was once separated from a group of migrating grey whales here. This little whale was playing among the rocks when it got stuck, and tried to get help by shooting increasingly large jets of water in the air. Over time, though, the whale turned to stone and became one of the local rocks – or so the story goes.