Gifts ideas for a coffee lover Coffee Capsules.

Coffee capsules are vacuum-pressed blended coffee granules conveniently pressure packed into small plastic pots to use in specific water filtration devices such as the Nespresso Pod. At first glance it might seem an inappropriate gift for any self-respecting coffee enthusiast, since their apparent qualities rest in the convenience rather than quality of the product. However, on closer inspection, one realises the charms of these capsules make for the perfect gift for any coffee lover. 

Each capsule acts as pressure cell when installed into the water filtration device. The foil top on each capsule is pierced inside an air tight chamber where heated water (specifically 87-degree C) is exchanged with the blended coffee particles under pressurised conditions which then is filtered through a pipe network and collected in your coffee cup. This all happens  inside the convenient time of 45 seconds.

Any self-respecting coffee aficionado will understand the significance in ‘crema’- an oily substance extracted from a high pressure coffee brewing process that results in a light foam surface to the coffee cup. Adding texture to the taste of the coffee, it’s made possible through the engineering of these capsules and matched only by the high street coffee outlets with their unwieldy, costly machines, and then used at home with a high quality machine such as a Keurig coffee maker. 

Coffee capsules are relatively affordable when compared to the price of a regular Americano at a high street coffee shop. A pack of 10 capsules will cost $4 (40 cents a cup) and considering the quality is on a par with most leading high street outlets, along with the convenience of its time saving advantages, one can see the benefits of these capsules and why they make such ideal gifts for the coffee lover.
Ethically speaking, these capsules have raised concerns over the packaging issue. However, recyclable refill schemes where spent capsules are designed to fit inside purpose made delivery boxes to be sent to refill centres not only answer to the importance of reusable materials but adds a significant convenience to restocking.  Along with the assurance that all coffee meets with Fair Trade standards, a yearly subscription to the service makes for a rather thoughtful and well considered gift!

Each box is branded to a luxury standard and it’s packaging has a well-considered design that allows ease of use when stored upright. Each capsule is perfectly blended and measured to offer the versatility of making either espresso or grande style drinks.

However, it’s worth noting that not all capsules fit all filtration devices. When buying a collection of coffee capsules as a gift, you might want to consider a completed kit or at least finding out if your friend has a device that matches the capsules. And since ordering coffee beans online is much more cost effective, this is not most economical means of your daily cup.

Regardless,  a subscription to a capsule delivery makes for a convenient and quality drink and as an ongoing reassurance of never being short of a coffee again, these remain the ideal gift for any coffee loving individual.