The golden rules of the casino holiday  

You finally got a week off from work and need to have some fun? A casino holiday can be just the thing you were looking for to break the routine. Just keep in mind the following golden rules and you are set to go:


Set a spending limit for yourself

The best rule of thumb when planning to head to a casino is to have in mind an amount of money you are willing to part with per visit. It’s too easy to just keep playing and opening your wallet when your luck is down. Also, do not make trips to the ATM between games or borrow money from friends – you will spend more than you think. Bring your allotted cash and be ready to go once it’s finished.


Set a time limit and stick to it

Casinos don’t have clocks: they’re trying to make you lose track of time so that you gamble for longer. The trick is to plan in advance how long you will stay. Wear a watch or set the alarm on your phone and stop playing when it goes off. Even better: arrange to meet up with family or friends later on so that you will have a reason to leave the table.


Get some practice

To make sure that you don’t end up gambling on games and machines that you’ve never played before, and don’t know the rules of, practise in advance. Maybe arrange a poker game or two with some friends, or test yourself with some lower stakes online gambling on a site like Euro Palace.


Go in expecting to lose some

Expect that you won’t win every time you gamble. This will save you some upsets or aggressive behaviour when lady luck is having a break. At the end of the day people enjoy gambling for this reason as well: for the excitement of not knowing the outcome of a game. Of course you would like to come out richer than when you arrived, and that happens sometimes, but being practical and having realistic expectations will make you more relaxed.


Have a few but not too many

Keep an eye on your alcohol intake: free drinks are tempting but they might impair your ability to think straight. How about having some drinks with friends after your gambling session? This way you will be able to concentrate when playing, avoid losses and you might be able to pay for the next round with your winnings. Sounds like a good night out.


Plan some non-gambling activities

Remember to add variety to your day and have some activities lined up – you are on holiday after all. If you’re at a resort, you can make use of the facilities: have a swim, catch some rays, go to the spa, get a massage or enjoy some gourmet food. You can also leave the hotel, join a tour, go exploring and experience the local culture. Gambling might be the main reason why you came away but it doesn’t mean it has to take over all your waking hours.


Gamble only for fun

Gambling is a recreational activity and can inject some excitement in your day-to-day life but remember to enjoy it responsibly: be social, have your hands up in the air when winning, be a good sport when losing and have a ball.

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Written by Gareth Monet.