Springtime is the right time for a Roman holiday

Rome’s ancient beauty is rarely more stunning than in the spring. For a few brief weeks each year the temperatures hover within a realm of lovely numbers and the heat of the sun brings new life to everything and everyone in the city.

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Rome hotels start to fill up in spring but there aren’t nearly as many tourists as will be swarming the city by June. The food is fresh, the flowers are gorgeous and the people watching is spectacular. Here are just a few of the reasons that the best time to visit Rome is in the spring.



Spring time is artichoke season in Rome. Roman artichokes (carciofi romaneschi) only grow from February to May meaning that when they appear on menus during other parts of the year they are imported from elsewhere. Sampling some freshly prepared fried (alla guidia) or braised artichokes with olive oil, garlic and herbs (alla romana) are the most delicious and authentic ways to indulge in this fleeting harvest.



There are some really great beaches within an hour of the city. During the summer months beaches are packed (especially at weekends) and enjoying the sun and sand is made somewhat more difficult with so many strangers attempting to do the same.

Spring is the perfect time to visit the beach as the sun is warm enough to spread out on the sand (even if the water is still a bit cold) and there are far fewer people to share it with.



The Spanish Steps are one of Rome’s most popular attractions and while it is delightful to stop and smell the roses, spring on the steps means Azaleas (and lots of them).

Every May, the city puts out buckets of blooming azaleas on the Spanish Steps. Once the blossoms have come and gone the pots do the same and are carted away to make room for the resident roses and cheap toy vendors. While it’s sad to see them go, they are a sight to behold mid-blossom and well worth a visit.



Let’s face it – there’s never a wrong time for gelato. But the great thing about spring time is that gelato is no longer seen as an ‘excusable’ indulgence during colder days, it legitimately feels right. Sampling a few scoops of your favourite flavours while strolling through the spring streets of Rome is perhaps the most enjoyable experience possible. Sunny spring days were meant for gelato.


Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is best experienced between the cold winter days and the boiling summer nights. Spring brings about new life for the city and that makes it such an incredible time to visit. Before the busy summer crowds and the after shorter days of autumn and winter, springtime is the perfect window for the perfect holiday in Rome.