All-in-one Orlando

Orlando has been a regular favourite for Britons for years, and for good reason. Sun, shopping, adventure and relaxation – Orlando, Florida is an all-in-one kind of destination.

It’s no surprise that it’s such a popular destination. Orlando offers something for the young, the old and due to the warm weather, you’re almost guaranteed sunshine to do it in. Regular and affordable flights are in abundance and we were able to get a great deal for flights to Orlando, thanks to its consistent popularity.

Theme Parks

My first thought was a stereotypical one: Disney World is in Orlando and that’s why everyone goes there. In fact, I was wrong. The theme park is a huge pull for the state but it isn’t the only reason to visit.

Also, most of the visitors stay in the vicinity of the park, which isn’t as central as I originally thought. The theme park is actually near Lake Buena Vista. It’s a must-see for families and the young at heart, Orlando has. But none of the theme parks are in town. Universal Studios, Sea Wold, Gatorland and Ripley’s Believe-it-or-not are all outside of Orlando. They’re all accessible and all worth a visit, but if you’re not up for it there’s a range of other activities for the 52 million tourists that visit annually.


I was surprised at just how many golf bags came off the plane. Yours will be well looked after, Orlando knows how to welcome golfers. Hire a house and a van and pack your friends and clubs in the back and hit one of the many golf courses. There is something for every handicap and the fantastic climate is a golfer’s best friend. From stunning private resorts like Ginn Reunion Golf Resort – designed by Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson, to the infamous Grand Cyress Resort, you could golf for days.


The Florida Mall is the largest in the state and it has everything you can imagine. The Mall at Millenia is Orlando’s most upscale and beautiful mall. It’s part of a new area that is seeing development and is worth a visit.


Everything grows in Orlando so it’s very green and there’s lots of nature around every corner. Be sure to spend time at Lake Eola Park, located at the centre of the city. Enjoy the music and drama in the amphitheatre or the farmers market on Sundays. It’s one of the best spots to view the city. Take a dip in the free-flowing natural spring At Kelly Park, Rock Springs or visit the University of Central Florida Arboretum. Both have no admission fee and both are a relaxing day morning or afternoon out.

And being America – the ultimate social meeting place – you’ll find every culture under the sun. And boy is there lots of sun. We had a wonderful time meeting new people, visiting more of the other attractions outside of the theme parks and we’ll certainly be back.

Next time with golf clubs.