Communication Between Tutors, Pupils and Parents

Pupil and Tutor Relationship

The most important relationship is between the tutor and the pupil. There are a wide range of private tutors in Hong Kong  私人補習老師 香港, and finding the right match is essential to any student’s achievements.  The tutor and pupil must be honest and communicate in order to avoid or overcome misunderstandings. The pupil must feel comfortable with the tutor at all times, and the tutor must create a relaxed learning environment.

Parent Tutor Communication

When hiring a tutor parents must inform them of their child’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. A set of clarified goals should be discussed with the tutor, and a deadline given for the accomplishment of these goals. The parents should let the tutor know if they are required for continuous study, or if they are required on a one off basis to clarify a confusing point. It is important that parents do not get defensive of their child if the tutor offers negative feedback. Parents can benefit from negative feedback as this has the potential to change a student’s predicted outcome in exams and coursework from low marks to higher marks. Tutors and parents in Hong Kong may meet for an initial assessment of the child, but travel and time restraints may limit direct meetings. It is important to keep track of a student’s progress and regular telephone calls after study sessions can help keep parents involved in their child’s education.
Parental Observation

If your child is not progressing as desired, or if they are feeling uncomfortable with their tutor, you may wish to sit in and observe a tutoring session. Parents have the greatest insight into their child, and will know if the child is not being completely honest with their tutor. Early intervention may prevent a small issue from developing. Observe how the lesson is taught, how pupil and tutor interact and if your child is comfortable. Discuss with the tutor aspects which may be improved upon if you feel your child is not benefitting from the lesson. Thank the tutor and show your appreciation if they are doing a wonderful job with your child.


Pupil and Parent Communication

Ask your child for feedback on each of their sessions with the tutor. They may be more open with you than they are with their tutor, and you can help direct future lessons with this knowledge. Ask your child if they feel like they are improving and have a better understanding of course material. Having private students in hong kong 補習學生 香港 is very important for tutors.


Don’t forget about the teachers

Finally, it is polite to inform teachers and lecturers if your child has a private tutor in Hong Kong  私人補習老師 香港 Teachers can provide an outline of course material required for coursework and exams and will be willing to highlight areas the student should focus on in their private lessons. Remember if the student is racing on ahead with a private tutor that they must still attend classes in school. Private tuition in Hong Kong is widely available and its about finding the best match for a student’s educational requirements.