De-cluttering your House: Make a Profit Spring-cleaning

We all have that drawer or cupboard in the house that we’re scared to open because its contents might spill out. There’s the bookcase crammed with books that haven’t been read since your kindle arrived, and the stacks of DVD’s that are burned on your laptop. But the prospect of sorting through all this old clutter is daunting. So instead, look at every item as a potential few dollars, because someone somewhere is willing to pay for that old mobile phone or CD collection.


Break it down.

Usually, your clutter is never as chaotic as you think. All the old tools are in the shed, unwanted toys in the kids’ toy boxes, old kitchen appliances in some dusty kitchen cupboard. Assign a few hours one evening when you’re free and chose the most cluttered place. Once you have this area sorted, and it won’t take as long as you think, all those little junk drawers and cluttered corners won’t seem like a big deal.

A lot of old CDs, DVD’s and video games you have might be taking up unwanted space, but they could be valuable collectables. You probably cannot even use any of those Nintendo 64 games or relics from your first Playstation, but even though they don’t have cases or seem a bit tattered, there is still a market for old goods.
So after all these items have been sorted into groups of binned, keeping and selling, it is time to decide which is the best market place for selling your products. The most obvious solution is using the internet as a platform for selling, and there is no shortage of websites to sell on. It’s best however, to do a bit of research on the particular website, for there are niche websites designed for selling specific items. If you post products on these websites, they have a better chance of being seen than on more commercial websites where they are overlooked due to the sheer volume of products (maybe these websites could do with some de-cluttering).

Top Tips for Removing Household-Clutter

  • If its broken, bin it
  • If you can’t remember what it does, bin it
  • If it’s not broken, sell it
  • If it’s not yours and you don’t know how it got there, get rid of it!

When de-cluttering, don’t get distracted by old photos or things that stir up memories. You will probably be keeping these, so stay focused and put them in a box for later.
When you’re finished and have put all your nicely separated items in specific boxes, do not put them into the store closet to be dealt with later. Sort it out that da

De-clutter a small area when you find yourself bored with some time to spare. Don’t leave reorganising your house for your precious weekend, or you might not do it at all.

Try not to lose motivation. Remember why your started and think of that free space you wanted, or the extra cash you want for those new shoes.

Get online and start selling today. You will feel much better with a tidy, uncluttered house!