Cruise Ship Entertainment – Food, Sun and Singing

A concern of many who are considering taking a cruise is what they’ll do once the sun goes down.  After all, there’s only so much one can do while being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean.  The bar continues to rise for cruise lines that are hoping to draw eager sailors on board, and one of the areas where cruise lines everywhere have really had to pick up their game is the entertainment that they offer.  World class amenities, renowned shows and trending musicians are what every cruiser seems to be after these days.  Wondering what you can expect for entertainment when you set sail on the high seas?


Fun In The Sun

When you climb aboard a Mediterranean cruise, you know that you’re in for some good times as soon as you climb onto the sun baked deck of the ship.  At as early as 9am you’ll find sun lovers basking in the sun, and in a couple short hours the temperatures will raise to the point that many will need to take refuge inside or under the closest parasol.

But there’s more to do in the sun than simply lounge about on these cruises.  Though each line will have something different to offer, you can always expect for there to be some poolside hijinks happening.  Get in on a water volleyball game or enter a competitive “kayak across the pool” competition.  Most cruises offer numerous fun activities to do while on the deck for adults and youngsters, such as treasure hunts and races.


But which cruise line has the right entertainment for you?

This is a tough question to answer as they differ so much from company to company and from ship to ship and from season to season on the ship you’re on – it’s all hard to keep track of. Just make sure you do your research and compare and contrast the entertainment on a few to narrow down the list. Remember that you spend most nights on the boat; so the entertainment matters. A good place to contrast a few different cruise liners is Cruise Kings, as they work with several different cruise liners, such as P & O, MSC, NCL, and Celebrity Cruises. You can find their cruise deals page here.


Expect The Best Cuisine

No cruise line will stay in business for long without being outfitted with some top of the line chefs who can cook up some of the best foods on the planet.  Most cruise ships will have one “fancy” dining room, and another more buffet-style or laid back dining area for you to enjoy.  Some restaurants may have a specific type of cuisine that they serve throughout the duration of the trip, while others will change it up every night and offer foods from around the world, such as Greek, French, Italian, and American.

Typically each cruise will ask passengers to dress up when they come to the main dining room at least once per trip, meaning that ladies will need to bring along a nice dress or skirt, and men will need a jacket.


Fantastic Shows

Now one of the main draw for a lot of tourists to a particular cruise line is the entertainment that they offer at night. It’s not uncommon to now find that the most popular cruise lines that offer Mediterranean cruises to have off-Broadway shows to keep their guests happy at night, or popular musical acts that almost anyone can enjoy or at least get a kick out of.  Royal Caribbean may be to blame for bringing these Broadway-caliber shows to the high seas by bringing a shortened version of “Hairspray” aboard their ship Oasis of the Seas, and then showing “Chicago” and “Saturday Night Fever” on their ships Allure of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas.

If this article has left you keen to know more; have a read of this article on Cruise Critic. And if you do end up cruising this year, then I hope you see some truly excellent entertainment.