Upgrade Your Dinner Experience

Creating an extravagant dining experience in your home does not require you to be an interior designer. Many people think they need to spend big money to have an fancy dining experience, but with a few small changes you will feel like you are dining at a nice restaurant. When you enjoy your home for what it is supposed to be, you will feel much happier about the place. Use you imagination when decorating and get some candles out to set the atmosphere. If there is a dish you really want to have then check out Youtube to learn how to cook it. there is no excuse anymore for not being able to cook or come up with creative ideas for your home. It is all online!


Kitchen Clear-Out

If you think you are going to have an elegant setting in an untidy kitchen, you are dreaming. Before you do anything else you should have a major clean out of your kitchen and discard everything that no longer serves a purpose. There may even be things that are normally left around but could be put in the garage or stored in a closet to free up some space and give you more room to upgrade your dining experience. Consider being brutal and making your kitchen a place you really want to relax in.

Table Decorations

The factor which contributes the most to your dining experience apart from the food will be the decor. There should be a fresh clean table cloth with some decorative tablemats laid out and a centrepiece to bring it all together. For the centre piece you can use flowers, potpourri, plants and candles. A simple idea like placing tea-light candles in a ramequin of coffee beans gives an elegant feel while creating a soft aroma. You don’t want to overdo the decorations when it comes to the table. Remember that you have to fit all of the plates and food out as well.



The food you eat will contribute greatly to how you feel about your dining experience. Are you planning to cook easy to eat, fresh and light meals or sticky pork ribs that will have everybody at the table covered in sauce? The food should make you feel like you are eating in a high class restaurant. Keep it simple and look online for recipes and ideas. Mediterranean food is excellent for dinner parties as it incorporates many servings of small tapas which can be prepared in advance.



Have you ever been to a nice restaurant that has the lights on full blast at night? I doubt it! Lighting should accentuate certain places and pieces around the room and this is the same for creating an ambient environment in your own home. Have some candles on the table as part of the decorations and in strategic locations around the room, such as under pictures or on candle holder stands. It does not have to be a full candle-light affair as a nice lampshade will do a perfect job of lighting the room also. Have fun with making your home an enjoyable place to dine.