Two Beautiful Movie Themed Online Video Slots

Art is truly all around us. Everywhere we look, we are met by a large array of vibrant colours and interesting shapes that make up our world. American poet and philosopher, Hendy David Thoreau put this idea beautifully into a single quote by saying, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” Nothing quite emphasises this beautiful idea as perfectly as the large number of different theme based pokies or slot machines found today. One of the most popular themes found when it comes to online slots is that of popular movies. It is fantastic to see how two major players in the entertainment industry, filmmakers and casino game designers have come together, joining forces in order to create something truly magical. These games allow the players to experience their favourite films on a whole new level, interacting with the exciting video slots, and winning some money too. Here are two of the best.

Lord of the Rings

Based on Peter Jackson’s epic movie adaption of Tolkien’s phenomenal novels, this game will take you on your own personal adventure across the exciting terrains of Middle Earth. Thanks to the official soundtrack and other familiar sounds, along with each symbol coming straight from the movie’s themselves, players will feel like they have been transported to the mystical times of the Fellowship. This video slot has a massive number of bonus features that will keep players smiling, as well as the appearance of the ominous Eye of Sauron. Never fear though, this evil eye is a wild symbol that can replace any of the regular symbols, allowing for more winning.

The Dark Knight

Who doesn’t like Batman? That dark-hooded vigilante that sounds like he started smoking from the age of two. This awesome video slot is based on the 2008 film starring Christian Bale as the man himself. Experience the countless number of top class bonus features such as the win multiplier and the wild reels, symbols and re-spins. The best part about this video slot is that you don’t even have to wear your black cape in order to feel like a winner.

By Jason Swindon