Two Top Movie-Themed Online Slot Designs

When it comes to understanding what makes a design great, it is important to consider all the different forms of creative design that is out there. A great deal can be understood about what instantly catches someone’s eye, and what characteristics most people find interesting, by broadening your understanding of design. Viewing the intricate details and trends that you find in online gambling video games, especially those that are specifically themed, is a perfect way to implement a whole new dimension of creativity. One of the most popular trends of online gambling games is implementing a movie-theme. This process of combining technology with two major fields of entertain, that of online gaming and Hollywood, is the perfect way to bring some much needed joy to the lives of many. The added bonus with these online gambling games is the fact that many sites, such as, offer the games free of charge, implementing in-game currency, so your life doesn’t have to come crashing down around you if your luck seems to fail. Here are two that definitely stand out.

Lord of the Rings

Who doesn’t love the Lord of the Rings? The weird and wonderful world of Middle Earth, created by the legendary Tolkien himself. Based on Peter Jackson’s film adaptation, this game features sounds and images from the official films, making sure that your experience of Middle Earth is as real as possible. The design pays special attention to the background image that play an important role in setting the tone. If you come across the evil all-seeing eye of Sauron, you definitely do not have to fear as much as Sam and Frodo did. This symbol can be used to change other symbols, increasing your chances of victory.

The Hangover

When one thinks about films and gambling, chances are The Hangover will be mentioned. It is almost like this movie was made with this game in mind. With video clips and sound bites straight from the film, along with the main voice over provided by none other than the hilarious gangster boss himself, Mr. Chow (also known as Ken Jeong), there is no reason not to love this game.

By Jason Swindon