Visit Iceland


The Northern Lights are a spectacle that most travelers plan and hope to one day see. There are few countries that host a view of the Northern Lights. But undoubtably, one of the best places to go for the Northern Lights is Iceland. There is so much to do in this small island country. It is quite off the beaten travel path making it inexpensive and a unique experience for all who go. Below is just a taste of all that Iceland can offer as a holiday destination.

See the Gullfoss Waterfall

This waterfall is the Icelandic edition of Niagara Falls in Canada and the USA. While the North American waterfall is one drop, the Icelandic waterfall hits five different stages before taking its final plummet into the ravine below. The sheer power of the water falling is quite miraculous. Its so strong that people have considered it as a source of power for the country. But while the government is in control of Gullfoss, no such plans have gone anywhere.


Trek a Glacier

Fell like a modern day explorer and commence on a trek across a glacier. The trek can be crafted to the level of difficulty you desire making it a great and challenging experience. You can do anything from a day hike to a multi day hike. The multi day hikes are for the more experienced and thick skinned trekkers. I say this because the last thing it is on that glacier is warm and that is just where you’ll be sleeping! Make sure you bring a nice warm blanket for the night!

Watch the Northern Lights

This is by far the most enjoyable experience you can have while anywhere in the white circle. The beautiful shades of blues, greens, pinks, and purples are sure to leave you in wonder and amazement. The colors hang in the sky like drapes on a curtain rod. The Northern Lights are a perfect example of something that pictures just don’t do justice. It will be more beautiful in person than you could ever imagine.


Hang Out in A Hot Spring

Hot springs are a great and curious natural invention. They are especially curious in places like Iceland. To be relaxing in a pool of natural hot water while snow covers the ground around you or even falls on your head as you swim is quite the juxtaposition. Try not to confuse your body too much while changing temperatures! This can be a great experience for everyone and the best way to relax after a long day of traveling and seeing all that Iceland has to offer.