What Does Your Car Say About You?

What Does Your Car Say About You?


Although most people can choose just about any kind of car they want, many find themselves drawn to the same type of car over and over again. A certain type of car might make sense for a lifestyle or budget, but it can also help create some spot-on stereotypes about a person’s personality. Find out what your car says about you!

Mini Vans: Tired Parents and Squabbling Kids
When you see the unmistakable silhouette of a minivan pulling up behind you, it’s doubtful that you are expecting the driver to be a teenager or a retiree. Let’s face facts and agree that if you’re driving a people-carrier minivan, it is because you have a large family. These cars are not just for the small nuclear family with a single child, however. Rather, they are for the frazzled parents who didn’t expect that growing baby bump to contain twins. They contain the unexpected third child and the rest of the sports team on their way to a Saturday morning game. Sounds to listen for coming out of this vehicle include squabbling children, nursery rhymes on the radio and the loud sighs of exasperated parents. 

Hybrid Vehicles: Vegan and Eco-Friendly
With the rising popularity of the Prius brand and other fuel-efficient hybrid cars, it is now more common than ever to see one of these cars next to you in the parking garage or on the road. Often, the assumption about drivers of these cars is that they’re “tree-huggers,”, or in other words, big into saving the planet. These drivers might be seen driving from their non-profit workplace to the local farmer’s market to pick up vegetables for their vegan dinner. You’ll hear world beats music blaring from the speakers, and don’t be surprised to see dozens of peace and harmony stickers plastered over the back window of the car. 

Hummers and Monster Trucks: Testosterone To the Max
With the price of fuel rising faster than ever, the stereotype of drivers in Hummers and large trucks is more obvious than ever. Since these cars are typically big gas guzzlers, drivers are often not all that concerned about the price of gas or about their effect on the planet. Nine times out of ten, it’s going to be a man behind the wheel. These cars are the epitome of masculinity, and they’re a guaranteed way to look like the man whether you are on a small country road or a busy highway. Don’t be surprised to hear more than a little grunting and/or swearing coming from the driver’s seat.

Jeeps and Off-Road Vehicles: Nature Lovers and Hikers
There’s no reason to get a soft-top jeep or a serious off-road vehicle if you spend all of your time in an urban area. Drivers of these types of cars are often trying to convey that they are outdoorsy, fun-loving people with a love of nature. You might see them driving to the nearest hiking trail or beach, and don’t forget to spot what else they have in their car with them. Typical items on the roof rack or in the backseat are surfboards, mountain bikes and dirty gear from their last adventure in the mountains or by the river.

Flashy Red or Black Sports Car: Mid-Life Crisis
There are plenty of reasons to invest in a flashy sports car. You might have just gotten that well-deserved promotion, inherited a lot of money, or simply decided that this is the car of your dreams. Either way, be prepared to be stereotyped whenever you get behind the wheel. The common consensus is that if you splurge on a flashy bright red or sleek black sports car, it is because you are dealing with a mid-life crisis. Typical drivers might be seen sporting a toupee or trying out the cool new words overheard by young kids.

It’s important to remember that stereotypes are just that, stereotypes. They might be correct a lot of the time, but there are plenty of outliers that prove to be the exception to the rule. Whatever car you drive, you can protect yourself from unexpected accidents with car insurance coverage. Don’t forget to look for cheap car insurance quotes online in order to get the best price on the coverage you need.

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