Why the Mediterranean is Perfect for First-time Cruisers

With breathtaking landscapes, historic monuments, and glistening seas, the Mediterranean is a welcoming destination for travellers of all varieties. However, if you are going on your first cruise, heading for the Mediterranean is especially magical. A combination of short journey times and plenty of variety means Mediterranean cruises are great for starting out with.

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Typical Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries
A typical Mediterranean cruise incorporates destinations from France, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Italy, or the Greek islands. Cruise providers purposefully choose destinations that make stopping off in each of these places worthwhile. For example, when visiting Italy, cruisers may find themselves exploring the Renaissance architecture of Rome. Then there is the ancient wonders of Greece and the glistening shores of France’s southern regions.

Throughout Spain, you can see some of Europe’s greatest architectural feats. This includes the cathedrals of Barcelona and rock formations from dazzling caves. Over in Italy, you can stand where the gladiators once stood in the Colosseum, or meander through Venetian rivers. If your cruise reaches Turkey, you can see how Asia and Europe blend perfectly, combining mosques and mausoleums from the ancient era.

The Time You Spend On-board
Cruises aren’t just about the sites you can see, though. Both on-board and when you are exploring Mediterranean shores, you have the chance to experience other cultures. These cultural explorations come in the form of decadent food and tantalising drinks. In Italy this naturally means lots of pizza and pasta, while Greece is full of the world’s best lamb dishes.

Cruise providers offer great facilities to ensure you are not bored when moving from place-to-place. For example, Royal Caribbean Cruises Mediterranean cruises feature kid-focused H2O zones, golf, and sports courts. This means, no matter how old each member of your party is, there is something available for everyone.

Most importantly, Mediterranean cruises are not too long. When you are a first timer, keeping your cruise short is pragmatic for a couple of reasons. While they are thoroughly enjoyable, it is natural to test the waters first. After your first experience, you will know ships well enough to decide how long you want to stay on one and what facilities you need. Finally, you are more likely to find cruises that sail from Southampton. While there are other cruise destinations that do not require flying to a destination, they are not as common. Removing a flight from the equation means you are not so tired when you first step on-board, which in turn allows you to get more out of your trip.

Making Sure You Choose the Right Cruise
When you hear the word ‘Mediterranean’, you could be forgiven for thinking that there are limits in terms of choice. However, there are probably more itineraries for this region than anywhere else. Before you book the cruise, it is worth thinking about what you want to see.

You may not find a cruise that ticks all your destination boxes, but you can find one that ticks most of them. After doing this, further narrow down your choices by on-board facilities. By doing this, you can find your perfect first-time cruise.