About Us

We aim to show everyone that traveling is something that everyone can do, you don’t have to be a trust fund to live your dreams about seeing the world. Start your first journey because then there’s no reason why you guys can’t do it.

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I hope this site will help every step of the way, with some great advice and plenty of inspiration. Our writers have been around the world and back, spanning more than 100 countries, living in every continent (aside from Antarctica, that was just a pit stop!).


Teaching English, volunteering, travel writing, working holiday visas, bar & hostel work – you name it, and we’ve done it. As long as it keeps us traveling. Now with all that expertise it’s time for us to give something back, and that comes in the form of endless advice about both travel and lifestyle through our website here. So enjoy it, and remember – always be the best version of yourself. You can’t ask anymore.