6 Reasons Why You NEED to Hire A Campervan On Your Next Holiday


Forget all your ideas about campervans and motorhomes, you absolutely need to try motorhome hire for your next holiday. Here are some reasons why this form of flexible adventure has become one of ABSOLUTE favourite types of holiday:

  1. Design your own flexible holiday

Do you hate having to rush to the train or the airport? Why should your holiday run on someone else’s time? With motorhome hire you can forget about deadlines and time and enjoy your holiday when and how you like. Maybe you want to change your itinerary or explore something you see on the way? Motorhomes are unbeatable when it comes to flexibility. There are really only two constants and those are picking up the van and giving it back (which is flexible in itself), everything else in between is up to you. 

  1. Unbeatable prices

Think of a campervan or motorhome as a package deal. You get accommodation and a car in one great package. This means you can save a lot of money.

Kitchen facilities are also an attractive talking point for motorhomes too, especially because they give you the flexibility to cook your own food. This is something that you can’t really find in more traditional forms of accommodation.

  1. Travel with all your home comforts

Want to sleep in a great bed? Cook breakfast like you would at home? Cool your drinks? Everything is possible in a motorhome because most are equipped with many modern conveniences that just aren’t possible if you go camping. You can have things like fridges, freezers, air conditioning, heating and even showers! 

Travelling in a motor home doesn’t need to mean “roughing it” and advances in technology means that we can have an experience as comfortable as being at home but in the great outdoors!

  1. More space than you could ever need

When traveling on a plane you have to be very careful that your luggage isn’t overpacked as this can be horribly expensive. Large items like sports equipment also attract large fees when travelling on a plane. With a motorhome you can bring pretty much anything you want with you. Maybe you want to bring your surfboard or mountain bike? Maybe you want to sleep in your own blankets from home? No problem, just throw it in the van and you are ready to go.

  1. Get close to nature

One of my favourite things about motorhomes is the ability to get close to nature and explore any and everything. It’s a great opportunity to mix our innate love of the outdoors with a comfortable place to go back to every night. Imagine heading to the top of a mountain and watching the sun rise, this just wouldn’t be possible with a normal holiday.

There are many more reasons to enjoy a motorhome holiday, but I will let you find them out for yourself. Most of all enjoy and be safe!