Gifts ideas for a coffee lover Coffee Capsules.

Coffee capsules are vacuum-pressed blended coffee granules conveniently pressure packed into small plastic pots to use in specific water filtration devices such as the Nespresso Pod. At first glance it might seem an inappropriate gift for any self-respecting coffee enthusiast, since their apparent qualities rest in the convenience rather than quality of the product. However, on closer inspection, one realises the charms of these capsules make for the perfect gift for any coffee lover. 

Each capsule acts as pressure cell when installed into the water filtration device. The foil top on each capsule is pierced inside an air tight chamber where heated water (specifically 87-degree C) is exchanged with the blended coffee particles under pressurised conditions which then is filtered through a pipe network and collected in your coffee cup. This all happens  inside the convenient time of 45 seconds.

Any self-respecting coffee aficionado will understand the significance in ‘crema’- an oily substance extracted from a high pressure coffee brewing process that results in a light foam surface to the coffee cup. Adding texture to the taste of the coffee, it’s made possible through the engineering of these capsules and matched only by the high street coffee outlets with their unwieldy, costly machines, and then used at home with a high quality machine such as a Keurig coffee maker. 

Coffee capsules are relatively affordable when compared to the price of a regular Americano at a high street coffee shop. A pack of 10 capsules will cost $4 (40 cents a cup) and considering the quality is on a par with most leading high street outlets, along with the convenience of its time saving advantages, one can see the benefits of these capsules and why they make such ideal gifts for the coffee lover.
Ethically speaking, these capsules have raised concerns over the packaging issue. However, recyclable refill schemes where spent capsules are designed to fit inside purpose made delivery boxes to be sent to refill centres not only answer to the importance of reusable materials but adds a significant convenience to restocking.  Along with the assurance that all coffee meets with Fair Trade standards, a yearly subscription to the service makes for a rather thoughtful and well considered gift!

Each box is branded to a luxury standard and it’s packaging has a well-considered design that allows ease of use when stored upright. Each capsule is perfectly blended and measured to offer the versatility of making either espresso or grande style drinks.

However, it’s worth noting that not all capsules fit all filtration devices. When buying a collection of coffee capsules as a gift, you might want to consider a completed kit or at least finding out if your friend has a device that matches the capsules. And since ordering coffee beans online is much more cost effective, this is not most economical means of your daily cup.

Regardless,  a subscription to a capsule delivery makes for a convenient and quality drink and as an ongoing reassurance of never being short of a coffee again, these remain the ideal gift for any coffee loving individual.

6 Reasons Why You NEED to Hire A Campervan On Your Next Holiday


Forget all your ideas about campervans and motorhomes, you absolutely need to try motorhome hire for your next holiday. Here are some reasons why this form of flexible adventure has become one of ABSOLUTE favourite types of holiday:

  1. Design your own flexible holiday

Do you hate having to rush to the train or the airport? Why should your holiday run on someone else’s time? With motorhome hire you can forget about deadlines and time and enjoy your holiday when and how you like. Maybe you want to change your itinerary or explore something you see on the way? Motorhomes are unbeatable when it comes to flexibility. There are really only two constants and those are picking up the van and giving it back (which is flexible in itself), everything else in between is up to you. 

  1. Unbeatable prices

Think of a campervan or motorhome as a package deal. You get accommodation and a car in one great package. This means you can save a lot of money.

Kitchen facilities are also an attractive talking point for motorhomes too, especially because they give you the flexibility to cook your own food. This is something that you can’t really find in more traditional forms of accommodation.

  1. Travel with all your home comforts

Want to sleep in a great bed? Cook breakfast like you would at home? Cool your drinks? Everything is possible in a motorhome because most are equipped with many modern conveniences that just aren’t possible if you go camping. You can have things like fridges, freezers, air conditioning, heating and even showers! 

Travelling in a motor home doesn’t need to mean “roughing it” and advances in technology means that we can have an experience as comfortable as being at home but in the great outdoors!

  1. More space than you could ever need

When traveling on a plane you have to be very careful that your luggage isn’t overpacked as this can be horribly expensive. Large items like sports equipment also attract large fees when travelling on a plane. With a motorhome you can bring pretty much anything you want with you. Maybe you want to bring your surfboard or mountain bike? Maybe you want to sleep in your own blankets from home? No problem, just throw it in the van and you are ready to go.

  1. Get close to nature

One of my favourite things about motorhomes is the ability to get close to nature and explore any and everything. It’s a great opportunity to mix our innate love of the outdoors with a comfortable place to go back to every night. Imagine heading to the top of a mountain and watching the sun rise, this just wouldn’t be possible with a normal holiday.

There are many more reasons to enjoy a motorhome holiday, but I will let you find them out for yourself. Most of all enjoy and be safe! 

Here’s why I love LinkedIn

Paul Hurdsfield first advised me that if I wanted to be successful that I needed to get on LinkedIn as soon as possible. Since signing up I find it hard to imagine what I would do without it these days.

It is easily the best social platform for professionals who are looking to further their career or boost business for their company. I can’t thank Paul Hurdsfield enough for the advice to join the site, since then I have found a new job – without the site that wouldn’t have happened.

So what is it that makes this social platform so special? Here are some of the main reasons why I think everyone who uses the site will love it.

No Cold Calling

Before I get on any call to a prospect, my first point of call is to check out their LinkedIn profile. I may have been passed their contact details by someone, but by reading their profile I can learn more about them, their experience and if we have a common connection on the platform. This gives me something to start the conversation off with and turns a cold call into a warm one. LinkedIn gives me the ability to break the ice as soon as the call starts and demonstrates that I have done my due diligence before contacting them.

No Lost Contacts

Back in the day people would have a rolodex on their desk full of all valuable contacts they had made. Well, now LinkedIn is that rolodex and that makes life a lot more easy indeed. You may have a really high tech management system set up in your office or none at all to help you manage your contacts – regardless of what you have, you can always go to LinkedIn because the site organises your contacts and keeps them up to date. The feature I love is that LinkedIn will even update you from time to time to let you know when people change jobs or companies, if they have been promoted and then you know if their contact details have changed.

Do you use LinkedIn? If so, I would love to hear all about your experiences and tips for using the platform. All you have to do is pop your thoughts down in the comment section below this site. Thanks for sharing guys, I am looking forward to reading everything you have to share.

5 Things To Enjoy When You’re Not On The Slopes In Hakuba

Some of the best resorts in Japan can be found in the Hakuba Valley. The Hakuba Snow is one of the big draws to the area and they get over 10 meters of the white stuff every year,  add to that a mind blowing number of runs, it is no surprise to learn that over 200,000 foreign tourists visit every year.

So, we know you’re going to have a blast on the slopes because the quality is so high – but what about when you’re not skiing? Well, there’s no reason for you to be stuck in your room watching tv because there are a number of cultural activities for you to enjoy in the Hakuba area. Here are 5 things you should try out to get a truly Japanese experience.


You can’t go all the way to Japan and not experience an onsen. After a day or two of hitting the slopes your legs are going to get tired, so the best way to rejuvenate is by visiting one of the number of onsens in the valley. Every onsen is different from the next, the qualities that differ can be anything from the colours, minerals added to the water and also the healing qualities they boast. One thing you should notes is that that in keeping with Japanese custom you are supposed to get in the onsen naked. You might feel shy at first but there’s no reason to be because everyone else is doing the same, you won’t feel awkward after a minute or so.

Snow Monkeys

These are the only monkeys in the world that have been caught bathing in hot springs, they became world famous when a photographer from Life Magazine snapped these beautiful creatures and put them on the front cover. Ever since that edition came out the snow monkey’s fame has grown and grown. I have come across several monkeys on my travels and I was so surprised by just how chilled out these guys were. Make sure you wrap up warm because you have to walk around 30 minutes to get to the place where you can see the monkeys.

Zenkoji Temple

If you’re in Hakuba then there’s no excuse not to visit this temple which dates back to the 7th century, the reason for having no excuse is because it is easy to get to, extremely important and absolutely stunning. Legend has it that it is home to the first Buddhist statue that came to Japan. It will take you about an hour to reach by train, we did it when we were leaving Hakuba because we were told it was a good place to have a pit stop. I highly recommend this pit stop idea because you hop off, explore the temples, eat in a local restaurant and then continue your journey.

Is Instagram The New King?

Are you like me and find yourself checking out Instagram much more than Facebook? It used to be that Facebook was the only option for us to see what our friends were up to and also post pictures.

It does seem that Instagram is becoming the new king of social media. When I was on the road with Paul Hurdsfield he agreed with me that Instagram is definitely taking over.

It’s Simple

For Paul Hurdsfield and me a social platform should be easy to use. The Instagram app just couldn’t be easier to use. If you want to post a picture, story or scroll through the content you can so very simply indeed. With just a click of a button you can also check out what your friends have liked that day.

The Filters

People are in love with the filters on Instagram, I think that is why a lot of people choose to publish their photos and videos here. Every time you choose to upload your media you are given loads of options to add to your picture and to improve it. You can add locations, date, text, frames and much more. It makes publishing content fun and a lot more appealing than Facebook.

Young People Love It

If there’s one way to make your idea the new king it is by making young people buy in to it, judging by how many young people use Instagram it is the new king and it is here to stay. The youth are always updating their IG much more than Facebook. Celebrities also have bought in to IG and that is why young people love more than Facebook. The above two reasons are also major factors for them using IG, kids are in love with filters and they use them with almost every picture they post!  They also like things to be simple and straight forward, so IG offers them the perfect platform for them to use for social media.

Which social media platform do you use the most? Do you agree that Instagram is the new king? I would love to hear all about your ideas, thoughts and experiences. All you have to do is pop your comments in the box below this article. Thanks for sharing guys – I’m looking forward to reading everything you share!

Tips on Picking a Campsite in Cornwall 

Cornwall is a very popular destination for many British travelers going for a camping trip, and as such the county is awash with some brilliant campsites. Most campsites in Cornwall are absolutely outstanding but we have had a few situations in the past which left a little bit of a sour taste in our mouths. Having been to Cornwall as many times as we have, we now know what to look for in a campsite down here, and this is why I wanted to write a quick post to offer you some advice on how to make the right choice for your upcoming trip. 


For many campsites it can be hard to juggle being close to the action whilst remains super remote and quiet for visitors. In Cornwall however this is not difficult because the places where you will want to visit are sparsely scattered around the county, with lots of nature and quiet areas in between. With this being said there are some campsites which are absolutely miles away from where you may want to go, and this can mean either staying on the site for the duration, or undertaking a long day of driving around. Make sure that you pick a place which is close enough to the beaches and to a main road, yet quiet enough to enjoy some peace. 


There are so many opportunities for outdoor activities in Cornwall and this is why you should ensure that the campsite which you choose offers as many of these activities as possible. The natural landscape of the Cornish countryside lends itself to caving, climbing and abseiling, hiking, cycling, archery and much more, and the coastal side of the county offers swimming, kayaking, sailing and surfing to acme just a few. The best campsites in Cornwall are those which both offer these activities and are close enough to the action for you to be able to have some fun without having to travel too far. 


Something which I would urge you to pay attention to is the space of the campsite and the capacity which they say that they have. The reason for this is that there are some campsites here which try to squeeze in too many people and that means that you end up with little space around your tent. 


Cornwall is not the type of place where you are going to be spending all of your time at the campsite which is why you need a central location. You will want to visit the beach and all of the small towns and villages which are dotted along the coastline, so ensure that you have a place which sits in amongst it all. The idea of a holiday is to relax so you don’t want to be racking up the hours of driving whilst you are down there. 

Beyond these tips there isn’t much more to watch out for, just get yourself the best campsite and then have a great time in this beautiful county. 

Lip Fillers, Answering The Most Frequently Asked Questions


Would you have lip filler treatment? This was something which I had never really considered until a friend of mine had it done a couple of years ago. I loved the results and how she looked afterwards and so I decided that I would give it a go myself. In terms of treatment for lip fillers Cardiff has an abundance of options and so after finding the best one for me, I signed up and had the procedure. I love how my lips looked after this and I will definitely be going back again in the near-future. There can be a lot of incorrect information online about lip fillers and so here are some real answers to the FAQs around filler treatments. 


How Does it Work?


Basically you can expect a small injection into various parts of your lips and the solution which is injected is usually a made up of hyaluronic acid which is naturally produced by your body, this is a great hydrator and and gives the appearance of fuller lips. The acid is gradually broken down by the body after a couple of months and your lips will return to normal. 


What Results to Expect ?


The overall result is a fuller lip and you should speak with the surgery about what kind of results you are looking for, because they can make them plumper for some than for others. The aging process can leave our lips thin which is why many opt to have a little filler put in just to give a more rounded lip, giving confidence. 


Will it Look Natural?


Many people are worried that they will have a ‘trout pout’ or an unnatural look to their lips after the procedure but this isn’t the case. The trained professionals will endeavor to give your lips more volume without changing your appearance to heavily. The look will be natural and other than your friends and family, nobody will have any idea that you have applied filler to your lips. 


Suitable Patients?


Almost everyone is suitable for this treatment and the only people who won’t be able to have it are those who are allergic to the filler, this is extremely rare. Essentially if you just want your lips to be a bit fuller and a bit more plump then this is a great treatment option for you. 


Does it Hurt?


The burning question on everyone’s lips… is whether or not having fillers hurt and the truth is that it doesn’t hurt, but it can be uncomfortable. The treatment itself can be a bit uncomfortable as the gel is injected into your lips and you can expect some light swelling in the days afterwards, this is perfectly normal and even a bit of bruising is to be expected. 


I’d really recommend this treatment for your lips, the results look great and it can give you more confidence when smiling and give your facial appearance a really nice boost. 

What to Expect From Invisalign Treatment?


If you are looking to straighten out your teeth and get that smile that you deserve then the best course of action which you can take is to get Invisalign treatment. In terms of looking for dentist that offer Invisalign Bristol had a huge number of people who offered it, and I have since learned that this is the same all over the country. The usual options for people who want a new smile is to either have metal braces or veneers, but Invisalign is the one which makes the most sense. If you plan to get this treatment done, here is what you can expect. 


What is Invisalign?


Very quickly I want to talk about what exactly is this treatment, basically it is a clear and invisible gum shield which is placed over your teeth, which re-aligns the teeth which need to be moved. The process takes less than a year and costs around £3,000. 


Regular Appointments 


Because teeth move so quickly your dentist needs to be able to keep up, and that mens plenty of changes to the mouth piece. The dentist needs to ensure that pressure is constantly being put on the right teeth in order to get the result which they need, and that is why you can expect a number of appointments during the process. This isn’t a bad thing however because it means that you’ll get lots of face time with your dentist, giving you the chance to ask about any concerns which you may have. 


Wear Time


You can expect to have this piece in your mouth for 22 hours per day, this is what most dentists will recommend. Whilst people may not be able to see the piece, you can certainly feel it and after a while it will just become the norm. In the first couple of weeks it may feel slightly uncomfortable as you get used to it, but soon enough you will hardly even notice that it is there. 


Weight Loss


A surprising benefit which I encountered was a little bit of weight loss. This is of course not guaranteed for everyone who undergoes this treatment but because of the short two hour window which you are able to eat in, the result is that you may well try a few pounds. 




You’ll have to clean your teeth a lot more than normal as it is easy for bacteria and plaque to get in under the mouth piece. Expect to brush those teeth at least 6 times per day, maybe more. 




The success rate of this treatment is incredibly high and that is why above all you can expect real results for your teeth and your smile. No matter if the process takes 9 months or a year, at the end of it you will have a smile to be proud of and you will get your confidence back as a result of Invisalign. 


Go get that smile which you have always wanted! 

How to Minimize the Turmoil of Taking Your Nervous Child To The Dentist 

There are few things more traumatic than taking your child to the dentist when they are completely petrified and looking to you for help. Thankfully only 1 of my 3 are like this and it is an ordeal which we have had to deal with for many years. After so many years of trying to find a way around this, we have just about managed to minimize the level of trauma, rather than allaying her fears entirely. Trying to help someone get over a fear of the dentist is all but impossible but there are ways of ensuring that it goes as smoothly as possible. If you are in the same boat as I am then here are some tips on making that appointment just a little but easier on all involved.


Get a Great Dentist 


Some dentists are naturals around nervous patients and this is something which you need to find for your child. Some dentists even specialize in treating children because of their fun and relaxed approach and I was even able to find a Cardiff orthodontist for children, who has greatly improved my child’s dental experiences. Don’t settle with the dentist which you have unless they are great with kids, if you think that you can do better then look around your local area for a specialist. 


Early Morning Appointment 


My newest idea to help my child worry less about their appointment is by springing on her first thing in the morning. I found that when we had appointments after school that she would spend all day working herself up into  frenzy in anticipation of the dreaded appointment. With an early morning appointment this doesn’t happen, and I have also found it best not to tell her until about an hour before we go. This may not sound conventional but it really does work. 


Use The Fear 


Another slightly unconventional method which we have used is taking the fear which they have of going to the dentist and utilizing it as encouragement and motivation to take better care of her teeth. She knows now that the better her dental hygiene is, the less she will have to go to the dentist and this seems to have really helped. Such is her fear that she is militant with brushing and flossing her teeth, and avoiding things that may pose a risk to her dental health. The ultimate way to get over this fear is to remove it altogether, and that is why we encourage better oral hygiene with our daughter. 




A long term favorite of ours has been to reward our daughter after she makes it through an appointment, incentivizing her to make it through the appointment as best as she can. Naturally the other kids are a bit jealous of this, but anything I can do to make the appointment easier is more than worthwhile. 


What are your tips to get your child through a dentist appointment unscathed?

5 Things To Do In Las Vegas


Las Vegas truly needs no introduction, everybody knows how amazing it is and you just need to have a little bit of inside knowledge about where to go and what to see. This short guide will help you to visit some of the best attractions there, so sit back and relax and enjoy reading about some of the best attractions that Las Vegas has to offer. 

Bellagio Fountains

This is the biggest and the best of all the attractions outside of the hotels on the Vegas strip. The fountains themselves shoot from a huge lake and there are over 1200 actual outlets that shoot the water over 100 metres into the air. This is something that everyone should see and it is possible every half hour between 3 and 8pm, thereafter the shows occur every 15 minutes until the clock strikes 12.

Cirque du Soleil

This is another attraction that probably needs no formal introduction, but is a huge drawcard for Vegas. The spectacular feats of the superhuman gymnasts throwing themselves everywhere and in all kinds of positions is something that you won’t forget. Cirque du Soleil may come from Canada, but perhaps Vegas has topped it for its spectacularity. There are lots of other shows that have long runs on the strip, so make sure you check out what sophisticated Las Vegas residencies are open when you’re visiting.


We all know that clothes, cars and jewelry can be designer, but what about food? Las Vegas really takes it to the next level with the heavy competition along the strip, every restaurant is fighting to be the best and the people are the true winners here. If you have a bit of money to spend or you just won some, it is definitely a great idea to check out Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars. There are also a whole host of steakhouses that provide some delicious food and value for money.

Shark Reef Aquarium

There are aquariums and there is the Shark Reef Aquarium, trust me there is a difference and after having been to so many I can tell you that this is one of the best. This aquarium is unique because it is half indoors and half outdoors, and is home to sea turtles, crocodiles, many sharks and a mysterious komodo dragon. If you do happen to stay at the Mandalay bay you can watch a 24 hour camera of the sharks!

New York-New York Roller Coaster

Although it is not the newest, fastest and most intense roller coaster in existence, it is unique because it actually goes through the New York-New York hotel! This is something that everyone should experience.