How to choose your summer colours

When the sunshine comes out it’s time to bring out the colour from your wardrobe, vivid colours are on show and are always being worn by the latest trendsetters. We’re all happy when it’s warm and sunny outside so we should make sure that our clothes reflect our mood, be confident and wear some bright colours this summer.


Whether you choose to go all out and deck yourself in colour or just throw on one item of clothing you need make sure that you have one of these colours on you at all time this summer! If you need some help filling up your wardrobe in preparation for the summer ahead then you need to be looking at Get The Label, my first port of call when I need something because you get the top labels for great prices.


Bright blue is just made to be worn when the sun comes out to play, it’s also a colour that is sure to get you noticed so make sure that you have something bright blue to wear. It can even be a simple accessory, I love rocking my bright blue watch with the hat when hitting the park with my friends. It’s a great excuse to buy a bright pair of shorts that you’ll only be able to get away with in the summer, don’t be shy and get noticed!


Pink is now the must have colour for both men and women. My pink Ralph Lauren Mens Custom Fit Polo Shirt is the first thing I put on when I need to get in the summer mood. For ladies it’s a great colour to really show off and wear some bright pink pieces, bright pink gives your outfit the vibrant look that summer deserves. Perfect with denim or a summer skirt.


When it’s time to look effortlessly cool and chic you have to turn to white to help you out. White is, and has always, been in fashion. There’s nothing cooler than a pair of white shorts coupled with a nice black polo shirt. White is just one of those colours that seems to go with everything that I wear in summer, my white summer shirt matches any colour no matter how bright it is!