Is Instagram The New King?

Are you like me and find yourself checking out Instagram much more than Facebook? It used to be that Facebook was the only option for us to see what our friends were up to and also post pictures.

It does seem that Instagram is becoming the new king of social media. When I was on the road with Paul Hurdsfield he agreed with me that Instagram is definitely taking over.

It’s Simple

For Paul Hurdsfield and me a social platform should be easy to use. The Instagram app just couldn’t be easier to use. If you want to post a picture, story or scroll through the content you can so very simply indeed. With just a click of a button you can also check out what your friends have liked that day.

The Filters

People are in love with the filters on Instagram, I think that is why a lot of people choose to publish their photos and videos here. Every time you choose to upload your media you are given loads of options to add to your picture and to improve it. You can add locations, date, text, frames and much more. It makes publishing content fun and a lot more appealing than Facebook.

Young People Love It

If there’s one way to make your idea the new king it is by making young people buy in to it, judging by how many young people use Instagram it is the new king and it is here to stay. The youth are always updating their IG much more than Facebook. Celebrities also have bought in to IG and that is why young people love more than Facebook. The above two reasons are also major factors for them using IG, kids are in love with filters and they use them with almost every picture they post!  They also like things to be simple and straight forward, so IG offers them the perfect platform for them to use for social media.

Which social media platform do you use the most? Do you agree that Instagram is the new king? I would love to hear all about your ideas, thoughts and experiences. All you have to do is pop your comments in the box below this article. Thanks for sharing guys – I’m looking forward to reading everything you share!