Why Your Kids Will Love a Family Camping Trip

In the last few years my family and I have taken holidays to Disney World, to some of the most beautiful Greek islands and to The Great Barrier Reef. Despite having been to some of the world’s most popular destinations however if you ask my kids what their favorite types of holidays are, they will tell you camping in the UK.

We generally go on one foreign vacation each year and then we always try to get a weekend or longer at a UK campsite, we have been camping in Cornwall, in the Scottish Highlands and in the Yorkshire Dales in the last few years and the kids simply adore these trips. If you aren’t sure whether camping would be a good type of holiday to take your kids on, here are just a few reasons why I think that they’ll absolutely love it.


Many of us moan that our kids spend too much time on video games or on smartphones, but they still adore nature when they have the chance. Too many kids don’t have the freedom that we once had, when we could saunter off for hours on end to climb trees and the like, but when you go camping the kids get the chance to have a lot of fun in nature. My kids love nothing more than making rope swings, shooting up and down tress and finding all kinds of weird plants and insects in nature, and I’m sure your kids will too.


On a nighttime in a campsite everything goes nice and quite, the fires are lit and it is the perfect time for you to spend some quality time with the kids. Children remember those nights very well, where everyone gets wrapped up, toasts marshmallows on the fire and tells stories to each other or sings songs. Get creative with the campfire activities and kids will adore it.

Activities and Adventure

At home it is so easy for your child to sit in front of a television screen four hours on end, but none of that exists when you go camping. There is however still a great deal fo fun to be had when you go camping and the adventures and activities available are perfect for just about any child. When we go camping we like to go on long bike rides, do fun things like archery or sailing, head out kayaking on the water or, their particular favorite, go caving and discover what lies beneath the earth’s surface. Whatever kind of outdoors adventure you are looking for, you will almost always be able to find it right next to a  campsite, perfect for the whole family.

My kids are camping and as I have already said, they usually love it more than the expensive foreign vacations which we go on. Why not try it with your children in the coming year?

Here is where we stayed in Cornwall, perhaps it may suit you and your family too.

Perran Springs Holiday Park