Online Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses


If you’re thinking of starting up your own business soon but you aren’t sure how to go about getting those customers in through the door that you want, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Many small businesses struggle in their first few years of operation, especially if they are brick and mortar, physical stores. These days, an online presence is key to attracting and retaining a customer base, and if you think it sounds helpful to your business, check out these great online marketing strategies for smaller businesses, just like yours.

Start Small

Starting with small steps in online marketing is an important concept for small businesses. You don’t want to get too big for your boots too quickly, so consider starting with one really core aspect of online marketing about six months to a year before your official launch. A stellar website, blog chock full of great content and product pages that are relevant and eye catching are all great places to start. From there you can begin to focus on things like search engine optimisation as well as ensuring you can be found online.

Social Media Is Your Friend

The next step you might want to take is to start social media accounts for your business and ensure they are relevant, engaging and attract customers that keep coming back for more content everyday or every few days. It’s a great idea to have a humorous post or two every couple of days as well as providing details about things that people want to know about if they’re coming to your business. Relevance to your company is key. This step should be taken a couple of months before the launch of your company to ensure you have a great social media presence with followers who will show interest in your launch day and company going forward.

Create Amazing Content

On the back of the relevant content – make sure you create relevant amazing content. It sounds difficult but it really isn’t. You can spend the time making blog posts, scheduling social media posts and creating really cool content that brings something of value to your website and social media presence. This will help engage your customers and keep them coming back for more – increasing the likelihood they will come into your business and think of you first when they need a product or service that you provide. Not sure how to create amazing content? There are many ideas online such as revamping old content from similar sources and putting your own spin on it, or telling stories and using tasteful, appropriate humour.

These are just a couple of small steps you can take to help start up a great website and social media presence for any small business before you launch. With both of these, you can’t go wrong in today’s online world.