What Options Do You Have To Attain That Perfect Smile? 

 Are you envious of other peoples teeth? Would you like to smile and speak without having to do so with your mouth closed? If so then you are certainly not alone and there are a great many people who wish to fix their teeth so that they can smile with pride. The good news is that regardless of the current form of your teeth, there is always something that can be done to improve them. So what can you do about this problem? We spoke to a Harley Street dentist to find out exactly what options are available to you.  



You may be surprised to learn that orthodontic braces can be used on patients of ages up to 50, despite them being something that many of us associate with teenage dentistry. Whilst they may be unsightly whilst they are in your mouth, dental braces have a great track record of success and if you can live with them for a short period of time, you can count on some excellent results. Your dentist will place brackets on each tooth which is due to be moved and then thread a metal cable between each one, which is then tightened. Slowly but surely your teeth will move to their desired position.  


Clear Aligners   

For those who dont want to have metal braces across their teeth an alternative option is to look at clear aligners as an option for re-aligning your teeth. These aligners look like a gum-shield and they have the same effect as braces do. The biggest company which offers these aligners is Invisalign and their success rate is very similar to those who choose metal braces. The cost of the clear aligners is higher than braces which may be something that you wish to consider before making your choice.  



Veneers can help you to radically change your teeth and give you an instantly perfect smile. Opting for veneers is something of a final solution for your smile as your original teeth will be shaved down in order to accommodate the veneers, meaning that you wont be able to change your mind and have them removed. Veneers are made of either porcelain or a composite and they will be placed over your original teeth to give you the perfect smile. The benefits of veneers are their instant success, the fact that they dont stain and that they are sturdy and strong which means you wont have to change your eating habits very much. The downside of veneers is that they potentially can chip or break, they are expensive and of course, they are very much permanent. If you have the money and you want instant results, this is the most viable option which you can choose in order to get them.  


Regardless of which option you choose you should make sure that you are following your dentists advice around caring for your teeth, to avoid them getting any worse before you take action.