How to Save Money to Travel

Hitting the road with a rucksack on your back is one of the greatest experiences that you will ever have. Throughout the world there are literally thousands of people young and old who have taken the decision to explore this amazing planet of ours and the people who live within it. The hardest thing about traveling is financing it and whilst it may be difficult, it is more than achievable. And so, whether you have dreams of seeing the Great Wall of China, visiting the Taj Mahal, getting involved in one of the motorcycle tours in Himalaya or taking your photo with Christ the Redeemer, here is how you can get  the money together to realize your dream.

Online Work

Getting a second job is not always easy when you consider the time restraints of your existing job, and other responsibilities which you may have. The perfect option therefore when it comes to some additional earnings, is to make money online. There are various ways in which you can do this from filling out online surveys, matched betting or a wide range of freelance work which you can find on the net. Not only does working online give you the chance to make some extra cash but you can do so from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

Selling Things

We can all be guilty of hoarding things that we no longer need and you could well be sitting on plenty of cash. Take a day to have a root around your home or your room, and  dig out anything which is no longer of use to you. Once you have all of the clothes, games, tech, gadgets and miscellaneous items, take to eBay and auction them off. Even things which you may not think hold much value, may very well be valuable to someone else so you should always have a go at trying to sell everything that you find. Be ruthless when searching for things to sell and keep your eye on  the big picture in terms of your travels.

Stopping Your Spends

Saving up to go traveling should be a combination of looking for ways to make more money, and learning how to keep hold of the cash which you have. For this reason, it is vital that you are on the front foot in terms of reducing how much money you spend each day. The key here is to employ the 10 second rule, simply put, you should stop for 10 seconds before buying something be it clothing, coffee or a sandwich. During those 10 seconds, think about what you want to see when you are traveling and you will soon find that you are spending far less. As mentioned before, you must think about the big picture, a $50 night out could easily be a flight between Vietnam and Laos, or entry to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. A great trick here is to put a photo in your purse or wallet of the sights that you wish to see, whenever you think about spending money, you can look at the photo and think again.

The harder you work on putting money together before you go, the bigger the rewards will be when you finally get on the road.