How to eat like a local in Copenhagen

The vibrant city of Copenhagen features no fewer than 2000 restaurants, cafes and other types of eateries to choose from, which cater to all tastes and budgets. While it is possible to find dishes from all corners of the globe here, people who want to enjoy a real taste of Copenhagen will want to turn their attentions to modest eateries aimed at local people.

Strøget Copenhagen
The largest number of restaurants, cafes and snack shops can be found in the Strøget area of Copenhagen. There are also a large number of shops and boutiques to be found here, which makes the Strøget area a popular place for residents of Copenhagen to stop for a bite to eat in between browsing for bargains here.

Rather than falling into the usual tourist trap of eating at more highly priced restaurants and cafes aimed at visitors, follow the example of local people and head to one of the snack bars that can be found lining many of the city’s streets. These snack bars offer a wide range of cheap ad tasty treats and offer visitors the chance to sit at one of the street tables in the sunshine and indulge in a spot of people watching while they eat. If your’e a blogger and want to get some reviews done it also helps to give you a more diverse experience.

A wide range of different types of snacks and light meals are served at these carts, including delicious open faced sandwiches known locally as smørrebrød. Polser is a type of hot dog which can also be found at many snack bars known as pølsevogn or sausage wagons, while these are also the perfect places to sample the pastries that Denmark is famous for throughout the world. While we may know them simply as Danish pastries, in Copenhagen they are known as wienerbrød.

Copenhagen’s numerous and excellent bakeries are the best places to pick up local-style breakfasts. Known locally as bager, the city bakeries can be recognised by the signs that hang out front in the shape of a pretzel. These are great places to buy fresh bread as well as sandwiches and more tasty pastries. One of the great things about buying breakfast instead of eating in a café is that you can choose a bench in a scenic spot of the city and dine outdoors.

Enjoying brunch with family and friends is a very popular pastime in Copenhagen, especially in the summer months. A large number of cafes located throughout the city are famous for their extensive brunch menus, which usually come with a theme such as American or French.

Many of the city’s restaurants offer special dagens ret menus, which translates as meal of the day. These restaurants are particularly popular with local people as they offer huge portions of whatever the cook feels like serving up that day for a very reasonable price.

Those who have taken advantage of cheap flights to Copenhagen will also be able to use the money they save to sample some of the city’s gourmet cuisine. There are a number of Michelin starred restaurants to be found in Copenhagen, as when Danish people have something to celebrate they love to do it by enjoying an excellent meal with good friends. People who are searching for rare and exciting Danish cuisine to should head to Noma and Ensemble, where the food and service are simply to die for.