Sydney: Attractions You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia. In fact, it is the most populous city too, and a major tourist attraction in the world. People living in Sydney are commonly referred to as Sydney-siders and comprise both international and cosmopolitan populace.

When visiting Sydney for the first time, you will definitely fall in love with the modern landscape because of its captivating beauty. You can also enjoy walking along the lovely beaches, admiring the view of the clear blue ocean waters and enjoying the cool breeze! It is definitely a great place to go for vacation and break away from the usual hectic life, so let’s take a look at some of the top attractions you can’t afford to miss in this amazing city.

Sydney Opera House

One of the places you simply cannot afford to miss is the famous Opera House. It is one of the most popular performing venues around the globe, and it is situated on Bennelong Point, Sydney Harbor. It has a roof with shell structures, spherical in shape and very pleasing on the eye. These shell structures are set upon an immense podium and are surrounded by terrace areas that are used as pedestrian concourses.

It also has five theaters which are the Concert Hall, Drama Theater, Opera Theater, Playhouse and Studio Theater. To get a better view from the outside, you can take a exciting boat ride around the Opera house, which will also give you a view of some of the surrounding islands.

White Rabbit Gallery

Another spectacular place to visit in Sydney is the White Rabbit Gallery. This gallery is based in the city and is considered the home of contemporary Chinese art. It is located in the suburb of Chippendale, however, apart from Chinese art, the gallery has a tea house, a shop and a library, all at one spot.

The reception is very inviting and welcoming, and hanging up on the ceiling are traditional Chinese birdcages, which brings out a touch of exceptional character to the tea house. The artworks are also very eye catching and give an assortment of approaches, with some works revolving on social issues like environmental conservation.

New South Wales Art Gallery

The Art Gallery New South Wales (AGNSW) is another amazing place to visit in Sydney. It is the top art museum and the most important gallery in the New South Wales and Sydney as a whole, and it is also one of the leading cultural establishments in Australia. The gallery holds important collected works of Australian, Asian and European art and offers visitors almost forty exhibitions per year.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the iconic feature of Sydney and is a must visit place for tourists. It is a steel-through arch-bridge that cuts across Sydney Harbor and carries pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular and rail traffic between the central business district of Sydney and the North shore. The bridge offers an exceptional view of Sydney and with the Opera House nearby, and it has been nicknamed ‘The Coat-hanger’ because of its arch-based shape.

Have fun visiting these marvellous attractions. Visiting them all might get expensive, so make sure you save all the money you can before you go.


The Escape Game

Great news for the Hong Kong hipster looking for new, interesting and creative plan for the weekend – a group of 5 young entrepreneurs has set up a breaking-ground business of haunted houses, escape room puzzle which quickly becomes the hottest topic in town.

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Originally a popular online game on iPhone, the founder came to the idea of a real life simulation of the lock-up room because of the boredom and stress he found in the busy metropolitan. “Hong Kong  people need an escape, and the game inspires that to get out of the situation, one can only rely on oneself and you can do it, if you want bad enough,” said Wan, one of the co-founders. Hoping to provide new entertainment and expand the creative industry in Hong Kong, the group of five wishes to give more colors to the black and white monotonous life here in the city.

The game has received very positive feedback since the inception in late 2012, and it is now opening n2 more new rooms in Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Shui. Visitors may have to book up to a week in advance to secure a slot owing to the high popularity. For those who wants to try their wit or have a taste of what prison-break is like, now you have your chance, call to book at 2332 0334 or visit their website, . Acceptable forms of payment: cash or credit cards. Short on cash? Why don’t you apply for a credit card and liberate yourself from cash shortage? It will give you the flexibility of paying back at the end of the month.

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