How to Explore Hawaii as a Couple

Hawaii is a romantic destination for any holidaying couple. Made up of six major islands (plus a handful of smaller ones), the Aloha State has a lot to explore. No matter what sort of couple you are, Hawaii is sure to have something geared towards your tastes – from hiking to the peaks of active volcanoes to scuba diving with the manta rays, there are great activities for everyone.

Cultural Relaxation

One of Hawaii’s lesser-known traditions is the art of LomiLomi – an ancient form of massage steeped in the culture of islands. Believed to have spiritual healing powers, just about every spa in Hawaii will offer you the chance to experience the muscular bliss.

The two of you should get yourselves down to Maui at pop in to the Spa Grand at the Grand Wailea. This spa is famous all over the world for its amazing range of treatments, and these are all carried out in the traditional Hawaiian manner.

You’ll get an hour of hydrotherapy in The Terme, where you will find waterfalls, plunge baths and aromatherapy tubs. What could be more romantic than a pamper session?

Night Diving

The Islands of Aloha are the perfect place to indulge in a bit of scuba diving. The marine life around Hawaii is amazingly diverse – you’ll find coral reefs, white tip sharks, vivid tropical fish, whales, dolphins and even an endangered green sea turtle or two. This variety, combined with the beautifully clear, warm waters, makes it the ideal destination for any divers.

Head to the Kona Coast (just off the shore of the Big Island) and you will be able to swim with the angels of the sea, the giant manta rays. Often growing to a wingspan of a whopping 14 foot, swimming with these beauties is something you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Head out on a tour boat – the operators will shine lights on the surface of the water, which attract the mantas. The two of you will then be caressed by the swarming of the gentle giants in the experience of a lifetime.

Picnic on PuuPehe

Hawaii flights aren’t cheap, we know that. But visiting the gorgeous PuuPehe is completely free! PuuPehe, also known as Sweetheart Rock, is a monumental tower of rock that rises spectacularly out of the Pacific just a few metres from Lanai’s coast.

There is an old romantic tale surrounding PuuPehe, from which it takes its moniker of Sweetheart Rock. A warrior from Lanai was so overcome with grief when his lover died in an awful storm that he climbed to the top of the rock and plunged to his death.

Okay, so that might not be the happiest of stories, but it certainly has a Romeo and Juliet “star-crossed lovers” feel to it! The rock is a beautiful sight, and isn’t particularly known by tourists just yet. Pack a nice picnic and bring some champagne – enjoy it at sunset for the ultimate romantic date.

Top 5 Travel Tips for Maui

Maui is perhaps the most dramatic and striking of the Hawaiian islands, due to its amazing natural scenery. With some of the most impressive natural monuments around, it makes a great destination for anyone who wants to get closer to nature on their holiday. Of course, the sophisticated side of the cities isn’t bad either, and you can easily find plenty of cultural things to enjoy. All in all, it makes for a great destination. Here are top five recommendations for a great holiday on Hawaii’s second-largest island:

1. Iao Valley
Verdant, lush, and spectacular, this national landmark is another must-see. Various hiking trails through the valley deposit visitors at the base of the Iao Needle, a rock spire that stands 1,200 feet high. Ancient rituals were practiced here, and many tribal chiefs were buried at its base. The spirituality and natural beauty of this place is truly magnificent, and spending an afternoon exploring the length of the valley is very much worth your time.

2. Aloha festivals
What happens when you put together a two month music and culture festival attended by tens of thousands of people every year? You get the Aloha Festivals. Since 1946, this grassroots celebration has been bringing in increasingly large crowds and growing longer each year. The celebration takes place on six islands, but one of the best places to catch it is on Maui, where traditional culture showcases and fantastic live music and dance acts combine and put on something truly special.

Maui 13.  Live in luxury
It’s not often that you can find affordable vacation rentals in a place as special as this. Fortunately, luxury Maui vacation rentals are available online that are surprisingly inexpensive and offer great value. Whether you choose to stay directly on the beach, or high in the hills overlooking a rainforest or pineapple field, you’ll find a degree of comfort that shouldn’t be possible within this price range. Living like this makes the Maui experience that much more heavenly.

4. Haleakala Volcano
“Wow.” That’s all there really is to say about the “House of the Sun,” the world’s largest volcanic crater. 21 miles around 3,000 feet deep, it is a massive and majestic piece of scenery. Sunrise here is particularly special, and most visitors that get up early to appreciate it count it as their favorite memory from a visit to any place in all of Hawaii. Hiking, camping, biking, and nature walks are all also available in the Haleakala National Park. Don’t miss it.

Maui 35. Attend a Luau
As clichéd as the concept of Hawaiian luaus may seem, the Old Lahaina Luau is widely regarded as the most authentic ceremony open to visitors. From the beautifully choreographed dances to the mouthwatering food, this celebration of ancient Hawaiian culture is extremely memorable. You can appreciate handicrafts, music, dance, and cuisine, all with an excellent seafront view for sunset. If you’re going to see a luau while visiting Hawaii (and yes, you should), make sure it’s this one.

Convinced yet? Culture and nature conspire to make Maui one of the most rich and beautiful places to visit in the US. It is a spectacular destination, and one not to miss. What are you waiting for?