Seeing hidden London on an extended visit

London is a fantastic place to holiday, and while there are far too many great attractions to see for those who are on short trips, taking a longer break in the capital will mean you want to see so much more, digging deep into what it has to offer.

Downing Street and parliament are great, but if you’ve been in London for a while, you’ll want to see something else a little off the beaten path and away from the hustle and bustle of tourism.

Heading to London with a plan will be the best way to ensure you see as much as possible, so once you’ve found the perfect serviced flat or apartment in London, set out exactly what you want to see and do in the best areas of the city.


Known as something of a ‘yuppie village’, Balham is one of the nicest parts of London to head to for shopping and eating out.

It is an area of the city that has great links to the centre, with Balham undergound station on the Brighton Line and just four stops from London Victoria.

In Balham itself, though, there is a lot to see and do. Just a few of the treats on offer include restaurants like Gazette, a wonderful French brasserie, and Lamberts, which serves a beautiful range of seasonal British food.

There are also many shops in the area, ranging from trendy little boutiques to florists. It also has its own market on Hildreth Street, where visitors can enjoy a taste of the finest Caribbean cuisine, fresh fruit and vegetables and wonderful flower arrangements.

Wandsworth Common

Wandsworth Common is a fantastic little place to visit when in London, especially for those who want to try their hand at a couple of sports that are quintessentially British.

Bowls and tennis are the order of the day in this area, with lessons from experts accessible to those who have never attempted to play in the past.

There are also a number of ponds, as well as a small lake in Wandsworth Common, where anglers can fish if they have access to the right permits.

And for those who have no interest in taking up a new sport or hobby, there is also the chance to head to Bellevue Road, which hosts fashion boutiques, art dealers and the Michelin-starred Chez Bruce restaurant, among other delights.

The area also has its own station, on the South London Line, with easy access to the city via Victoria Station.


Clapham has some of the best transport links in the capital, making it a great place for commuters – Clapham North, Clapham Common and Clapham South are all on the Northern Line – but it’s also a great place for visitors.

Some of the main attractions of the area are the plentiful bars and cafes that are spaced throughout. Whatever walk of life you come from – be it a family trip or a young couple – you will find something to suit.

There are also a number of different shopping areas that make Clapham a great place to visit – with something for all tastes.

The Old Town is home to a range of trendy little boutiques and clothes stores, while Clapham Junction hosts all the major brands, and Northcote Road holds street markets where you can buy fruit and veg and flowers among other goods.

Top Cities to Visit in the UK

The United Kingdom is filled with some of the best destinations for people to travel to in the world. These cities are fun, friendly, and full of great sites that all people can appreciate and enjoy. The United Kingdom has a rich history and loves to share it with travelers. Visiting the UK is always a good idea for a traveler because there are so many different cities that you can go to and only travel a short distance. There are so many options to get into the UK which also makes it a great place to visit. If you are flying within the UK look out for parking prices at the airport. You can great deals on parking at Stanstedparking at the Birmingham airport, and parking at the Bristol Airport. Once you ditch the car and take that cross island journey, here are some of the best cities to visit in the UK.

This was obviously going to top this list. London is one of the most popular cities in the world. When in London you can find Big Ben, the Tower of London, the Parliament Building, Westminster Abbey, and much much more. There is too much to do in London to fit it all into one post! You also have your choice of museums and pubs visit.


This is the third largest city in the UK and the largest in Scotland. Glasgow was on the back burner for a lot of tourists in the past, but recently it has gained immense popularity. It has been racking up the stats and hitting all kinds of top ten lists for travelers. One of the lists that Glasgow has been climbing is the safest city list. That should put your mind as a traveler at ease a bit!

Staying Scotland, Edinburgh has a lot to offer. It is home to world’s biggest performing arts festival and, if you’d like to see some history, a castle thats over one thousand years old is in the middle of the city. Another thing you can’t miss in Edinburgh is Arthur’s Seat, a large mountain just out side of town. This is a college town, which means that there are always events going on and pubs to go have a drink at.

Manchester was the home of the industrial revolution and this history is something that the city is proud of. Because of this history, Manchester has some of the best architecture in the world. Patrons of the city have had several galleries, museums, libraries, and other impressive examples of urban architecture built into the city so its history as innovators would never be forgotten. Manchester is also a hub for great music and night clubs.

This is a tiny city about an hour north of London. The biggest draw to Oxford is going to see the colleges. Oxford is the oldest university in England getting its start back in the 11th century. The grounds and chapels of the colleges in the city are beautiful and most of them are open to the public regulary. Oxford is also hoem to England’s first public museum, The Ashmolean.