Tips on Picking a Campsite in Cornwall 

Cornwall is a very popular destination for many British travelers going for a camping trip, and as such the county is awash with some brilliant campsites. Most campsites in Cornwall are absolutely outstanding but we have had a few situations in the past which left a little bit of a sour taste in our mouths. Having been to Cornwall as many times as we have, we now know what to look for in a campsite down here, and this is why I wanted to write a quick post to offer you some advice on how to make the right choice for your upcoming trip. 


For many campsites it can be hard to juggle being close to the action whilst remains super remote and quiet for visitors. In Cornwall however this is not difficult because the places where you will want to visit are sparsely scattered around the county, with lots of nature and quiet areas in between. With this being said there are some campsites which are absolutely miles away from where you may want to go, and this can mean either staying on the site for the duration, or undertaking a long day of driving around. Make sure that you pick a place which is close enough to the beaches and to a main road, yet quiet enough to enjoy some peace. 


There are so many opportunities for outdoor activities in Cornwall and this is why you should ensure that the campsite which you choose offers as many of these activities as possible. The natural landscape of the Cornish countryside lends itself to caving, climbing and abseiling, hiking, cycling, archery and much more, and the coastal side of the county offers swimming, kayaking, sailing and surfing to acme just a few. The best campsites in Cornwall are those which both offer these activities and are close enough to the action for you to be able to have some fun without having to travel too far. 


Something which I would urge you to pay attention to is the space of the campsite and the capacity which they say that they have. The reason for this is that there are some campsites here which try to squeeze in too many people and that means that you end up with little space around your tent. 


Cornwall is not the type of place where you are going to be spending all of your time at the campsite which is why you need a central location. You will want to visit the beach and all of the small towns and villages which are dotted along the coastline, so ensure that you have a place which sits in amongst it all. The idea of a holiday is to relax so you don’t want to be racking up the hours of driving whilst you are down there. 

Beyond these tips there isn’t much more to watch out for, just get yourself the best campsite and then have a great time in this beautiful county.