The Top Reasons To Visit Disneyland Paris

I have to admit that once I reached adulthood I wasn’t too interested in visiting theme parks again. That sentiment changed the moment I had kids – they wanted to go and what’s more I loved going too! Here are some top reasons to go to Disneyland Paris:

Keep the kids happy

This is a no brainer because your kids are going to love every second of their time at Disneyland. They get to eat sweets, go on great rides, meet cartoon characters and watch some amazing shows. What kid wouldn’t like that?

The Rides

Theme park rides are one of the main reasons to go to any park, Disneyland seems to have a never ending supply of them. They have it perfectly set up, so if your with toddlers you’ll find suitable rides and if your with older kids there are plenty of hair raising rollercoasters to try out. Star Tours, Space Mountain 2 and Big Thunder would be my top picks.

You can see it in one day

One of the negative parts about visiting Disneyland in America is that it’s massive, possibly too big. Paris is perfect, it’s smaller, less busy and you can (if planned carefully) see it all in one day.

See a new country

Sometimes kids can be slightly apprehensive when you float the idea of going to a new country, that is eliminated when they hear you’re going to Disneyland. The park in Paris gives them a great opportunity to have fun whilst seeing another country.

The perfect family trip

If like me you have kids of different ages then a trip to Disneyland Paris is absolutely ideal. That’s because there are plenty of things to do for all ages and interests, plus many activities that the whole family can do together. My kids still chat about our holiday even though we last visited 2 years ago – it puts a smile on every parent’s face if their kids talk about having the trip of a lifetime!

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? I would love to hear all about the holiday and any tips you might have for other readers here. Just put your comments in the box below – thank you for sharing!