Top Teachers Gifts Ideas For 2019 And Beyond


While Christmas may be over, there’s still the year end to come, along with a number of other reasons why you might want to give your child’s teacher a gift. Perhaps it’s their birthday, Easter break or just to say ‘thanks for being such a huge help’ or ‘thanks for all that work you do’. Recognising teachers is a great way to show your appreciation and the best way is through small tokens and gifts. If you aren’t sure what you should be getting your child’s teacher, here are some great ideas for teachers gifts.

A Simple Card

Cards are a great way to show a teacher your appreciation for the excellent work they do in educating your child. Cards can be simple or elegant and extravagant and are always a touching, lovely way to thank a teacher for all the hard work they do in the classroom and outside of it with supervision at lunch times, parent teacher conferences and lesson planning. Not only that, but cards are something they can keep for years to look back on.

A Small Trinket or Jewelry

A small piece of jewelry such as a bracelet or necklace can be a lovely way to really show that super special teacher that you and your child care. Many children have at least one ultimately favourite teacher through their school life, especially in primary school, that one teacher that seems to really shape their learning and seems to almost always be there. Jewelry can be the ideal way to really show that special teacher just how important they are to your child.


Chocolates are often the go-to teacher gift because they’re easy and people will almost always eat chocolate or they can serve them at dinner parties, when they have friends around or for holidays such as Christmas. Chocolates can also come in a whole range from really basic Celebrations boxes all the way up to extra extravagant chocolate brands such as Godiva, Lindor or Ferrero Roche.


Mugs are an awesome gift for teachers and many places online now offer services where you can make mugs that say certain things for far cheaper than buying them in the shops. Try to stay away from cliche slogans like ‘World’s Greatest Teacher’ and the like as chances are they’ve already got about a thousand of those collecting dust at home. Instead go with something like a photo of the class, typical teacher style clip art like apples and rulers or something fun and funky like emojis or the like.

Photo Frames

Photo frames are never a bad idea for anyone as a gift and are useable over and over again in a number of different situations. Unlike mugs too, it’s unlikely that a teacher will have a ton of photo frames from their students, so this is a good bet for that great gift that will stand out without necessarily having ‘World’s Best Teacher’ emblazoned across it.

With so many cool ideas for teachers gifts that you and your child can give the teacher this year to show your appreciation, you will have no trouble finding the perfect way to say thanks. What will you choose? How do you say thanks to teachers? We’d love to hear from you!